Clerking team

Mark Heald
Mark Heald

Senior Clerk - Criminal and Regulatory

Andy Booth

Lead Criminal Clerk

Joe Murphy

Criminal and Regulatory Clerk

Shell Edmonds

Criminal Clerk

“David is a thoughtful, tactically astute practitioner who immerses himself in the evidence in a case so that his decision-taking is apt and assured. He is tremendously calming and re-assuring to the lay clients, judges trust him and rely on him, and he is highly regarded by his colleagues at the Bar.”

Legal 500, 2024

David is an advocate specialising in cases resulting in serious and fatal injury and financial irregularities crossing Regulatory and Criminal offending and Inquests.

Individual, professional and corporate clients, including those supported by National Insurance Companies, receive a tailored service epitomised by teamwork, thorough preparation, problem solving and strategic management of cases to defend positions, protect reputations and achieve optimum results.

Crown Court & appeals


Serious Crime

R v C: Junior counsel for the defence in a murder case which received significant media attention.

R v C: Defended a man charged with attempted murder following an unprovoked attack upon a young man.

R v R: Representing Police Officer accused of attempted murder.

R v K: Gross Negligence Manslaughter – defending cardio-thoracic surgeon following a death during hospital procedure, procedural and professional conduct failures and anaesthetic toxicity.

R v J: Murder – Mental Health, Diminished Responsibility, decapitation.

R v L: Murder (second) – Multiple Murders, Psychopathy.

R v Q: Murder – Assassination by shooting, Joint Enterprise, Manslaughter.

R v S: Murder (gang) – Stabbing, Joint Enterprise, Manslaughter.

R v E: Murder – Stabbing, Joint Enterprise (acquitted).

R v G: Murder /Attempt Murder – Knife attack in city centre nightclub.

R v N: Murder – Stabbing, Joint Enterprise, Manslaughter.

R v A: Attempt Murder (multiple) – Triple gangland shooting.

R v W: Conspiracy to Murder – Gangland shooting.

R v S: Conspiracy – Gangland doorstep shootings.

R v M: Murder – Joint Enterprise, Drowning, Manslaughter.

R v S: Murder & Firearms – Joint Enterprise (acquitted).

R v F: Murder – Killing of parent, alcoholism.

R v S: Kidnapping – OCG Kidnapping and torture.

R v G: Prison Mutiny.



R v D, JW: Conspiracy (drugs) – Class A Importation 575kg (£60m) (pr).

R v D: Conspiracy (drugs) – Class A £1m EncroPhone (OpVenetic) (pr).

R v  D-C: Conspiracy (drugs) – UK’s largest online drug dealing operation.

R v: Conspiracy (drugs) – Class B importation (100kg).

R v K: Class A Drugs – £1.4m amphetamine seizure from International Organised Gang Leader.


Death / Serious Injury by Driving

R v S: Prosecuted a man charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

R v M: Police officer speeding fatal collision with pedestrian.

R v S: Mobility adapted vehicle fatal collision with motorcycle in chicane.

R v J: Fatal collision at obscured junction.

R v L: Fatal Collison with motorcyclist at staggered crossroads.

R v S: Fatal collision with cyclist in poor weather conditions.

R v A: Speeding through junction fatal collision with pedestrian crossing.

R v C: Fatal collision during alleged racing on road.

R v S: Fatal collision due to peed / loss of control over humped bridge.

R v L: Fatal accident due to loss of control / defective tyres / inexperience.

R v J: Fatal collision in car park / fitness to stand trial / Alzheimer’s).

R v P: Fatal collision with cyclist / undiagnosed neurological deterioration.

R v B: Collision at School Crossing (multiple injury / Coughing fit / Syncope).

R v S: Collision with motorcyclist (sleep apnoea / medical conditions).

R v E: Fatal collision with pedestrian / causation / unlit road.

R v R: Fatal collision due to speed / drag racing high powered vehicle.

R v C: Death by Careless (multiple fatality / speed / inattention/ unlit road).

R v DS: Fatal HGV collision on motorway multiple fatalities.

R v M: Fatal HGV collision HGV driver / sneezing / involuntary distraction.

R v L: Fatal HGV collision on slip road of motorway.

R v H: Fatal HGV collision with pedestrian during left turn.

R v W: Fatal HGV collision with Pedestrian during right turn.

R v P: Death by Careless (collision with pedestrian at crossing).

R v C: Fatal HGV collision with motorcycle while crossing dual carriageway.

R v R: Fatal HGV collision with motorcycle while reversing.

R V H: Bus Driver falling asleep.

R v C: Multiple fatality collision / physically disabled driver.

R v M: Multiple fatal collisions within months.

Fraud & financial crime


R v D and Others (VHCC) – £28m Ponzi scheme in Alternative Investment and Private Platform Schemes. Involving members of the legal profession and financial advisors to sports professionals.

R v G: Conspiracy to Defraud – Leading Junior for Lead Defendant of 63 in Social Welfare fraud used to establish and fund a local community school.

R v A: Fraud – Leading Junior.

R v W: Conspiracy to Defraud – Leading Junior (£1m fraud).

Health & safety

Specialist Regulatory Advocate in Health and Safety and Environmental Law – List B.

Health & Safety

CC v HH: Fraudulent Business / dangerous chemicals / teeth whitening.

HSE v I Ltd: Building Regs / building collapse.

HSE v S Ltd:  Language College: Traffic Management.

HSE v JB Ltd: Waste / Recycling / Traffic Management.

HSE v Z Ltd: Manufacturing errors, ariel cradles, fall from height.

HSE v M: Fairground Ride Construction / fall from height.

HSE v W Ltd: Asbestos Management.

HSE v R Ltd: Improper use of plant machinery / fatal accident at Dockside.

HSE v W Ltd: Building Regulations – fall from height (Scaffolding).

HSE v NR: Residential Care Home – fall from height.

HSE v T Ltd: Amputation to engineer at Bowling Alley.


Fire Regulations

LMC v  S Ltd: HMO – Breach HMO Management Fire Regulations.

FA v KK: Breach of Fire Regulations at Large City Centre Hotel.

FA v ZA: Breach Fire Regulations Multi-Occupancy Premises.

FA v L: Breach Fire Regulations at a Retail Outlet.

FA v M: Breach Fire Regulations at a City Centre Nightclub.

SC v  PR: Nuisance – Fire at Wood Recycling Business.


Food Regulations

CC v T Ltd:  Food Poisoning outbreak by Catering Firm.

CC v S: Rodent infestation at Takeaway.

R v H: Food Hygiene Regulations: Illegal Slaughter House.





Inquests & coronial

Representing HSE. Catastrophic failure of MEWP. Product design and safety / manufacturing processes / unlawful killing, Gross Negligence and Corporate Manslaughter. Instructed for Inquest and advice on prosecutions.

Representing National Type Company following a death due to explosion.

Representing Haulage company following a death caused by load falling from HGV.

Representing Recycling company following pedestrian/JCB collision

Representing Company following a fall from height/scaffolding on construction site.

Representing Company Production Manager implicated in workplace fall from height.

Representing Company following death by fall in assisted living facility.

Representing insured HGV driver following fatal pedestrian collision.

Representing insured HGV driver following fatal collision while reversing.

Representing National Care Provider following misdiagnosed illness.

Representing Business Park Management Company following fall through warehouse roof by child trespassers.

Representing Assisted Living Care provider following death by hypothermia.

Representing National Public Service Corporation following death in prison. Art 2.

Professional discipline

Professional Conduct

R v CH: Represented a police officer for offences of Misconduct in Public Office following the distribution of videos and images from crime scenes.

Re PC S: Police Fed. Representing officer at Police Misconduct Hearing. Gross Misconduct.

R v S: Thoracic Surgeon failures during medical procedure / anaesthesia.

R v C: Headmaster facing multiple historic sexual allegations against Pupils.

R v R: Deputy Headmistress accused of Cruelty against pupils.

R v M: Allegation of illegal hunting with dogs by Master of  Mounted Hunt.

Re W: Advising financial adviser and investor regarding private prosecution and enforcement following multi-million Euro oversees investment.


Ofsted v AB: Registered Child Minder Appeal Suspension Notice.

Ofsted v COA: Registered Child Minder Appeal Suspension Notice.

Ofsted v A Nursery: Appeal Suspension Notice.


A Care Home: Care Home – improper diabetes treatment.

A Care Home: Fall from height escaping resident / dementia.

Care Provider: Misdiagnosis leading to death by National Care Provider.


Specialist Regulatory Advocate in Health and Safety and Environmental Law – List B.

Environmental Cases

LA v M: Company breaching Waste Management Regulations.