We take a dynamic approach to the use of new technology and innovation. We are always happy to discuss innovative, technology backed approaches to instructing our barristers.

We are a fully electronic chambers, using dropbox for business as a secure storage facility for case papers. This ensures papers are accessible 24/7, but retained in a secure, UK based server. It also ensures we can administratively restrict access to data and ensure we meet our GDPR commitments. We developed this market leading solution with Advanced One, the leading provider of case management software to barristers’ chambers.

We are happy to speak to our clients about using API solutions to automate booking procedures and solutions for document sharing.

Each of our chambers have market leading IT facilities, including full video conference suites. We are accustomed to providing a remote service and hosting remote hearings, including providing a remote ADR solution to clients.

We have taken a proactive approach to client engagement, including being the first chambers to join ACSO, the first chambers to join Manchester Law Society and the first chambers to introduce MLC Collaboration case management software. In 2024, David Anderson, our Company Secretary, will be the first ever non-lawyer President of Manchester Law Society.

Our barristers have been at the forefront of developing law and litigation on crypto assets, AI and self-driving vehicle technology.

If you want to discuss any innovative solution with chambers please email clerk@stjohnsbuildings.co.uk and we will ensure the correct person contacts you.