A Private FDR avoids unnecessary delay and expense, as well as removing additional pressure from clients and court lists. Rather than being overseen by a judge at court, the private FDR is heard by one of our specialist team of highly experienced barristers, some of whom also sit as part-time judges. These expert barristers provide an independent indication as to what they believe the likely outcome would be if the dispute were to proceed to a final hearing.

A small number of specialist Matrimonial Finance barristers from St John’s Buildings offer Private Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) hearings at our Chambers in Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool. This service offers a faster and more cost effective solution to Matrimonial Finance cases.

In an FDR, the judge hears from both sides of the Matrimonial case and gives an early indication of the likely outcome if the case were to proceed to a final hearing. Once this indication has been given, a high percentage of cases are then settled, avoiding the additional time and costs incurred by attending a final hearing.

The indication from an independent specialist gives clients the opportunity to consider their position and reach an agreed settlement in exactly the same way as a standard FDR, with the added benefit of removing the pressure of appearing in court and the restricted time available when there.

As in a standard FDR, the outcome is not binding until a settlement agreement is signed and approved, and the parties can continue through the full judicial process if they choose to. Our Private FDR solution is complemented by our Family Arbitrators, who can assist in arbitrating settlements where agreement cannot be reached at FDR.

Please contact our Matrimonial Finance clerks for further information and to find out more about proposed fees and availability:

Paul Laverty, Senior Family and Court of Protection Clerk

Ryan Barker, Assistant Senior and Matrimonial Finance Clerk