St John’s Buildings’ Court Martial and Service Law group is the most experienced in the North of England and one of the most experienced in the UK.

If you have been told that you are to be interviewed by RMP/SIB we can arrange representation for you at that interview that will be completely free of charge.

If you have been charged we offer representation by barristers who have many years of experience defending in the Court Martial, the Civilian Standing Court and the Summary Appeal Court. Our expert team appears in Catterick, Bulford, Colchester and Portsmouth as well as in Germany and Cyprus.

We also offer an expert service in relation to AGAI 67 proceedings and the preparation and presentation of Service Complaints.

All of our team:

  • Understand service life.
  • Understand the demands placed on serving members of the Armed Forces
  • Understand that an allegation that may be trivial for a civilian can impact on promotion and retention.

Our success – we have secured acquittals in cases involving:

  • The recent allegations made against instructors at AFC Harrogate
  • Allegations arising out of the BBC Panorama investigation into ITC Catterick
  • An allegation of manslaughter of a UK serviceman in Iraq
  • The illegal importation of firearms from Iraq to Germany
  • Rape (including historic allegations)
  • Wounding/GBH
  • Service offences

Fees & funding

We will work with you to make sure that your case is as affordable as possible.

If you are facing court martial we can help with applications to the Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid Authority (AFCLAA). If you are required to make significant contributions to legal aid we may be able to provide a more cost effective private arrangement. We also work closely with The Military Mutual who may fund your Court Martial representation at no cost to you.

If you need our help with an AGAI 67 matter or a Service Complaint we offer a transparent fee structure with reduced rates for members of HM Forces.

Meet the group

You can deal directly with members of our team by telephone and email making sure that you can always get the answers to questions about your case despite your busy life as a member of HM Forces.