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Katherine is a confident and approachable criminal specialist advocate. Her attention to detail, coupled with her conscientious and assiduous approach to her work, has been recognised by members of the judiciary, opposing counsel, and solicitors.

Throughout her pupillage with the Crown Prosecution Service, Katherine was exposed to a high volume of cases from charge to sentence, including undertaking reviews of case files, providing further advice to the police concerning reasonable lines of enquiry and developing an intimate knowledge of the processes and procedure relating to disclosure.

Katherine has demonstrated a proficiency in dealing with victims and witnesses in a manner which supports and informs them throughout the court process. Katherine intends to continue to finesse this skill in her developing criminal practice.

Crown Court & appeals

Crown Court

Katherine is a Grade 2 Prosecutor and has experience in prosecuting and defending cases in the Crown Court. She strives to undertake more complex and challenging criminal work, including as a junior alone and as a led junior.

Cases of Note

Led Junior

R v ASJ: Led by Richard Thyne KC. Prosecuted a 19-year-old man was convicted of stabbing two men to death and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 24 years. The case was covered on the BBCthe Star and the Doncaster Free Press.

R v CB: Led by Richard Thyne KC. Successfully opposed a Prosecution application for leave to proceed with counts left on the file.

Junior Alone

R v PR: Defended an individual charged with causing s.18 grievous bodily harm with intent to a complainant who was known to him. Defendant asserted an alibi and was acquitted following a four-day trial.

R v GS and AD: Prosecuted two individuals for causing grievous bodily harm without intent. Secured a conviction in relation to GS and following further review, the case was stopped against AD.

R v ZA: Defended an individual who, as a youth, became involved in a County Lines drug operation. Following a positive conclusive grounds decision for child exploitation, and a full review of social care and other documentation disclosed, Katherine persuaded the Prosecution to discontinue proceedings against ZA.

R v TE: Secured a suspended sentence order for an individual following a guilty plea to an offence of blackmail. Reported in the Derby Telegraph.

R v DD: Secured a community order for an individual charged with being in possession of a bladed article in circumstances where there was a risk of serious disorder.

R v HB: Theft from an employer initially valued at over £130,000; basis of plea for theft to the value of £90,000 was proffered. Conference with reviewing lawyer; further advice on evidence and acceptability of basis of plea provided and followed. Reported in the Examiner Live.

R v JD: Prosecuted a dangerous driving sentence which was described by the Sentencing Judge as one of the worst cases of dangerous driving he had seen. Reported in the Star.

R v PB: Prosecuted the son of the deputy mayor of Grimsby for a number of offences committed against his father. Reported in the Grimsby Telegraph.

R v NB: Prosecuted burglar for a number of burglaries where he targeted elderly residents. Reported in the Daily Star.

R v JE: Committal for sentence for possession with intent to supply approximately £23,000 worth of Class A and Class B drugs that were being stored in a shipping container where consideration for Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings were given. Reported in the Hull Daily Mail.

R v ZA and JB: Sentencing two teenagers, one with learning difficulties, for dangerous driving following an incident of racing which resulted in significant damage to a number of vehicles.


R v NC: Represented the Appellant as he appealed the decision of the lower court not to find exceptional hardship. Having heard evidence from the Appellant and his business partner, the Crown Court found exceptional hardship and the Appellant was able to avoid disqualification.

Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police v CB: Represented the Appellant in his appeal to the Crown Court against the imposition of a sexual risk order.

Magistrates Court

Magistrates’ Court and Youth Court

Since September 2020, Katherine has prosecuted and defended in trials, remand and case management courts in the magistrates. She has experience in the Youth Court, including prosecuting serious offences, and dealing with remand and sentencing considerations.

In addition, she has developed a familiarity with road traffic offences and consideration of special reasons and exceptional hardship applications.

Cases of Note

R v A Youth and A Youth: Instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service for the Youth Court trial of two individuals charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent (s.18) in a joint enterprise attack with adults. Guilty pleas entered on the day of trial following a number of issues being resolved in an advice to the Prosecution. Following these guilty pleas, the outstanding adult listed for trial at the Crown Court entered a late guilty plea.

R v DR: Successfully prosecuted a trial of exposure involving masturbation where the Defendant asserted he was urinating in an area known for public sexual intercourse. When cross-examined, the Defendant conceded he had previously had sexual intercourse in this spot despite asserting that he was in a happy relationship.

R v JB: Defended an individual charged with stalking his ex-partner. Following consultation and advice, the Defendant pleaded guilty on a basis acceptable to the Crown Prosecution Service.

R v KS: Trial of adult who assaulted a youth complainant occasioning him actual bodily harm.

R v JE: Prosecuted a speeding case where it became apparent that there was a realistic prospect that the Defendant’s husband had perverted the course of justice. At the conclusion of the trial, an advice was submitted for consideration of a police investigation and potential charges.


  • Master in Law Exempting (BPTC), Northumbria University (2018) – First Class Honours
  • Very Competent BPTC


  • Member of the Honourable Society of Inner Temple (Call 2018)