Professional Negligence

We are accustomed to appearing in the full spectrum of regulatory and professional negligence forums, representing clients and regulators at disciplinary hearings and in professional negligence claims in a broad range of civil disputes:

Professional Negligence Expertise

  • Solicitor Negligence
  • Barrister Negligence
  • Will drafting
  • Equestrian Adviser Negligence
  • Surveyor, Valuer, Property or Conveyancing Negligence
  • Police Complaints Authority and other Police Regulation and disciplinary work
  • Veterinary Negligence
  • Architect Negligence
  • Educational negligence


We also have a comprehensive Regulatory Team, who regularly handle cases as they cross over between professional negligence and matters being handled by regulators, including the BSB, SRA, GMC, GDC, RICS, FCA, HSE and others.