Stuart Bell

Stuart is a Level 2 prosecutor who appears regularly on behalf of the CPS and defendants in the Magistrates’ Courts and Crown Courts across the North Eastern Circuit.

Previously employed by the CPS, Stuart gained broad experience while working in their Crown Court, RASSO and Magistrates Court units.

Prior to qualifying, Stuart worked for a housing association where he helped to assist and support vulnerable adults and victims of domestic abuse alongside partner agencies. Stuart continues to use the skills he developed to assist nervous and/or vulnerable clients and witnesses through the trial process.


  • Crime

    Stuart is a Level 2 prosecutor and accepts instructions for all types of criminal matters including hearings related to ancillary orders such as the proceeds of crime.


    Magistrates’ Court

    R v GD Successful prosecution of prolonged domestic assault including strangulation. Guided vulnerable and emotional victim through her evidence over the live link utilising injury photos and a 999 call.

    R v AS Successful prosecution for handling stolen goods, in this case a £20,000 vehicle. District Judge commented to the defendant in his verdict: ‘after the way Mr Bell conducted the cross examination I just cannot believe you’.

    R v VB Successful prosecution of two members of Animal Rebellion for aggravated trespass on the site of large dairy processing plant.

    R v H Successful prosecution under the Dangerous Dogs Act in which a large dog had attacked a Deliveroo driver.

    R v A Successful prosecution for racially aggravated public order offence that relied upon the identification of the defendant in a dark window by two witnesses stood over 20 feet away.

    R v S Conducted an actus reus/fact finding hearing in respect of the assault by beating of an elderly man by a mentally ill defendant. Case proven and hospital order imposed.

    R v G Successful prosecution of a man impersonating a police officer in an attempt to enforce a debt.

    R v IY Successful prosecution of prolonged harassment and single ABH against an ex-partner. Guided vulnerable witness and court through series of electronic messages, BWV and 999 call.

    Crown Court

    R v HW Instructed to represent a defendant who benefitted from representations made by Stuart to the CPS which led to a charge of controlling and coercive behaviour to be dropped, allowing the defendant to be sentenced immediately for the remaining summary offences and released from custody where he had been awaiting trial.

    R v ID Sentencing hearing for multiple sexual assaults and breaches of a sexual harm prevention order in which dangerousness was addressed.

    R v L Sentencing hearing in which the defendant had continued to make and upload drill music with violent, gang related lyrics in breach of his criminal behaviour order.

    R v PC Sentencing hearing for possession with intent to supply heroin addressing the voluminous phone evidence.

    R v JH Sentencing hearing for grievous bodily harm with broken bottle.


    R v AC Successfully represented a third party in a s.10A POCA hearing, making representations that ensured the clients interest in the property was not affected by the final order.

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