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Robert Edwards is an expert criminal barrister. He qualified as a solicitor in 1996 and spent the next eleven years developing a general defence practice. In 2007 he joined the Crown Prosecution Service where he prosecuted crime at all levels in the Crown Court throughout the West Midlands Area.

Crown Court & appeals

As a cybercrime and fraud specialist Rob has prosecuted some of the most complicated cases of recent years in the West Midlands area, including the successful prosecution of the chairman of a nationally known company for hacking a competitor’s website. Rob’s particular expertise in the digital arena has led him to be briefed in cases where evidence of a sophisticated and complicated nature has been an integral part of the case.

In regards to the recent cyber-attacks in Ukraine, Robert’s comments have been featured in The Telegraph and the Consumerist.

Rob has also appeared for the prosecution as a junior counsel in murder trials and as sole advocate in high value fraud and contested confiscation hearings. He also appears on an almost daily basis in the Crown Court for more general crime.

Prior to joining the CPS Rob had developed an enviable reputation as an effective defence advocate and having now converted to the bar he is keen to redevelop that area of his practice.


R v JB: Led by Mark Connor. Successfully prosecuted a case of historical child sexual abuse involving two young victims. The case was covered in the Daily Record, on NorthantsLive, and on the Daily Advent.

R v W: Led by QC in prosecution of domestic violence murder.

R v T and P: Prosecution of two retained firefighters for conspiracy to commit arsons.

R v R, H and T: Complex prosecution for conspiracy to burgle commercial premises.

R v H: Prosecution of circa £250,000 fraud with an international dimension.

R v B: Contested confiscation proceedings with a value in excess of £1/2 million.

R v W: Prosecution for Computer Misuse Act offences involving the hacking of a competitor’s website for commercial gain.

R v A and Z: Prosecution for conspiracy to distribute indecent image of children.