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Navpreeth specialises in Family Law. She completed her pupillage in 2018, having previously been an in-house advocate. She places great importance on all aspects of client care and is always willing to go the extra mile.

Navpreeth has written an analysis of a recent case: Manchester City Council v P (Refusal of Restrictions on Mobile Phone) (REV1) [2023] EWHC 133 (FAM)

Navpreeth has a unique practice balanced between the North West and London, and appears regularly on the Northern, Wales and Chester and the South Eastern Circuit.

Children (Public and Private law)

Navpreeth practices in all areas of children’s law, with a particular interest in public law proceedings.

Public Law

Navpreeth regularly represents local authorities, parents, interveners and children in public law proceedings, including Advocates’ Meetings, Case Management Hearings, Issues Resolution Hearings, Case Settlement Conferences and Final Hearings. Navpreeth is frequently instructed to draft written documents, including case summaries, threshold documents and skeleton arguments. Additionally, Navpreeth offers advice in conference, where appropriate.

Navpreeth has experience in matters with complex issues such as non-accidental injuries to children, serious emotional harm and significant neglect. Navpreeth often works on cases where allegations of sexual, domestic or emotional abuse are alleged.

Navpreeth often represents parents and children with learning disabilities, mental health issues and/or substance misuse issues.

Recent cases

A Local Authority v B (2020): Following eight days of evidence, Navpreeth successfully opposed a local authority’s application for adoption where the mother had been found to have inflicted a non-accidental injury on the child. At the conclusion of the proceedings, the child was returned to the care of the mother.

P v A Local Authority (2021): Following a two-week trial involving multiple experts (psychologists, medical consultants, independent social workers), Navpreeth successfully opposed a father’s application for the discharge of a Care Order. Issues in the case included: domestic abuse, parents with significant learning needs, non-accidental injury and physical chastisement of the children.

A Local Authority v A (2022): Navpreeth was led by Frances Heaton KC, representing a child who was accused of serious sexual assault of their sibling. Submissions were made on behalf of A that the evidence was not sufficient for the Court to make sound findings, especially as the local authority did not seek to call the children to give evidence. Following reconsideration, the local authority no longer pursued these findings against A.

A local authority v H (2022): Navpreeth was a second junior to Rachael Banks representing the children. The matter was protracted and involved allegations of serious abuse at the hands of the parents, including sexual abuse. This was a complex case in the High Court, and involved questions of whether the child suffered from a very rare medical condition causing the injuries or whether the parents had inflicted these injuries. The matter involved numerous reports from medical specialists across a number of medical fields.

Navpreeth also accepts instructions in:

  • Parental alienation
  • Applications for Deprivation of Liberty orders
  • Applications for Secure Accommodation Orders
  • Jurisdictional disputes

Private Law and Injunctions

Navpreeth accepts instructions for applications for Child Arrangements Orders, Enforcement Orders, Specific Issue Orders and Applications under Part IV of the Family Law Act 1996 by parents and Children’s Guardians appointed under Rule 16.4. Navpreeth has acted for parties alleging and/or disputing allegations of physical or sexual abuse of children, and domestic, sexual or emotional abuse. Navpreeth has experience of working with vulnerable clients and is commended for her ability to build up a rapport with those who instruct her.

Navpreeth accepts instructions in:

  • Parental alienation
  • Contact disputes
  • Enforcement of Child Arrangements Orders
  • Live with Orders – including pending time with parents and family members
  • Name changes, internal relocation and removal of children from the jurisdiction.

Court of Protection

Navpreeth has experience of Court of Protection matters in welfare and in property and finance.

Navpreeth has experience representing local authorities and for P (through the Official Solicitor or other litigation friends). Navpreeth has undertaken a number of section 15, 16 and 21A Mental Capacity Act 2005 disputes on behalf of P, local authorities and intervenors.

Navpreeth is able to advise upon matters relating to the Court of Protection, such as designation and opinions in relation to property and finance disputes.

Deprivation of Liberty and Secure Accommodation Orders

Navpreeth frequently represents local authorities and guardians in Deprivation of Liberty and Secure Accommodation Orders in the High Court. She has acted in matters involving complex legal issues such as arguments, including healthcare boards and other stakeholders. She is available to advise on such matters of law.

A Local Authority v M (2023): Navpreeth represented a local authority in an application for a Deprivation of Liberty Order concerning a child who was involved in terrorist activity, and imitated forms of torture on those entrusted with his care. M’s parents opposed the making of such an order. The Court concluded that a Deprivation of Liberty Order was in the child’s best interests.

Family finance

Navpreeth acts in family finance and divorce matters. Navpreeth is regularly instructed  in matrimonial finance matters at all stages of the case including applications for maintenance pending suit applications, legal services payment orders, variation and enforcement. 

She is able to advise on matters and draft documents in the case, including questionnaires, skeleton arguments and consent orders. Navpreeth is approachable and pragmatic when working with clients.


  • Family law Bar Association
  • Court of Protection Bar Association
  • Northern Circuit
  • Wales and Chester Circuit


  • Vulnerable Witness Advocacy Training