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Tim Booth

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Louise Gold

Lead Clerk, Crime

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Junior Clerk, Crime

Jack Paxton

Junior Clerk, Crime

Louise has an established prosecution and defence practice in the Crown Court and the Appellate Courts including Attempted Murder, Manslaughter, Rape and Serious Sexual Offences, Driving Offences (involving serious injury or fatality), Child Cruelty, Drugs offences, Money Laundering and Fraud. She has conducted cases as Junior Counsel and has appeared alone to prosecute against Queen’s Counsel.

Louise has extensive prosecution and defence experience in dealing with cases involving very vulnerable persons including very young children, those with learning disabilities and those with significant psychiatric and psychological conditions. She regularly appears in trials with Defendants and Witnesses requiring the assistance of a Registered Intermediary.

She appears at Courts Martial in the UK and abroad representing members of all parts of the Armed Forces and Civilians subject to Service Law for a wide range of offences and including those of a disciplinary nature specific to the Armed Forces. Louise has a wealth of experience in dealing with Members of the Armed Forces who have serious psychiatric and psychological issues, particularly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder arising from active service.

Crown Court & appeals



R v Hinchcliffe: Former police officer was jailed for eight months for sexually assaulting an 18-year-old woman in a bar. The case was covered in the Sheffield Star.

R v France: France was jailed for a minimum of 31 years for historic sexual offences against two children. The case received national coverage on the BBC and ITV as well as Yorkshire LiveHull Live and the websites of South Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Police.

R v Westerman (Court of Appeal Criminal Division): Leading authority on the interpretation of the sex offender registration requirements.

R v Oliver (Court of Appeal Criminal Division): Leading authority that attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity is not an inchoate offence and therefore does not require proof of intent.

R v A: Wounding – instructed to prosecute alone against Queen’s Counsel and Junior Counsel. Unusual defence of ‘horseplay’.

R v T: Multiple historic sexual offences – appeared alone to prosecute against Queen’s Counsel. Successfully resisted Abuse of Process Application.

R v B: Sexual offences against a child aged 5 by an adult Defendant with significant learning difficulties.

R v B: Violent Rapes with strangulation in a marital context.

R v C: Male prisoner accused of raping another male prisoner.

R v O: Rape of a female whose drink had been spiked.

R v Butoyi: Knifepoint rapes and robberies specifically targeting a number of prostitutes in the Doncaster area. Circumstantial and similar fact evidence. Convicted on all counts.

R v Javaid & Raj: Producing cocaine at wholesale level and money laundering through residential premises and businesses.

R v Cuerton, Johnson, Stewart & Avanzi: Prosecuting for the Specialist Fraud Division – Evading Excise Duty.


R v Merrington: Junior Defence Counsel – Attempted Murder – victim thrown head first over balcony of two story building. Defendant had untreatable personality disorder and psychopathic disorder.

R v K: Defence Counsel – Multiple Rapes and Sexual Assault14 year old boy accused of raping his 4 year old cousin who gave evidence and was cross examined. Acquitted on all Counts.

R v W: Defence Counsel – False Imprisonment / threats to kill15 year old boy who falsely imprisoned an adult female in her own home having crept in, and whilst holding a piece of rope threatened to kill her having already assaulted her. Psychiatric issues involved.

Courts martial & service law


R v Blaymire: Junior Defence Counsel – Manslaughter by Gross Negligence. Defendant acquitted.

R v Captain Fulton: Defence Counsel – Supplying Class A drugs – first Army Officer to be tried by Courts Martial for drugs offences. Pleaded guilty and successfully argued for a non-custodial sentence.

R v Brown: Defence Counsel – Rape and Buggery – historic offences that took place in Cyprus 20 years ago when Defendant was a dependent of a Serviceman and therefore subject to service law. Complainant had mental health problems. Acquitted on all Counts.

R v Bdr Pugh et al: Theft of £250,000 worth of cigarettes and alcohol from the NAAFI in Germany, which were then transported to the UK in a Caravan to be sold on: Guilty Plea.

R v Cpl Sanday: Series of allegations relating to alleged bullying and assaults of recruits at ITC Catterick arising from a BBC Panorama Programme: acquitted on all Counts.


  • North Eastern Circuit
  • Association of Military Court Advocates


  • Grade 4 Prosecutor
  • Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Panel Member
  • Approved Defence Advocate for The Military Mutual
  • Pupil Supervisor
  • Direct Access accredited


  • Lincoln’s Inn 2001
  • Hardwicke Scholar
  • Thomas More Bursar