Wellbeing at the Bar: Certificate of Recognition re-awarded by the Bar Council

November 23, 2023

We are delighted and proud to have been re-awarded our Certificate of Recognition by the Bar Council for our efforts to support and promote wellbeing for our members, pupils and staff.

The wellbeing of everyone in Chambers is a primary concern for us. We want our barristers, pupils and staff to be happy in their work and feel that we are supporting their careers in a way that is sustainable for them, offering additional support and flexibility when needed.

St John’s Buildings was one of the first Chambers to be awarded a Certificate of Recognition when they were first introduced in November 2017. We have continued to regularly review and improve the ways in which we support wellbeing, which is through a range of provisions including:

Wellbeing is an important and ongoing element of our Strategy that we regularly review, evaluate and seek to continually improve.