CICA Appeal success increases Police Officer award by £220,919.00

February 20, 2020

Timothy Connolly, assisted by his Pupil, Urd Larsen, successfully represented a former Police Officer at a CICA Appeal to increase his award from £4,400.00 to £225,319.00

The Applicant suffered serious injury to his shoulder and PTSD following a prolonged knife attack which occurred when he was called to a reported incident at a residential address in North London in 2010.  The Applicant was forced to retire early from his employment as a Police Officer.

The Applicant was initially awarded £3,300.  The award was the subject of a review and was increased to £4,400.00.  On Appeal, and because of ongoing physical and psychological problems limiting future earning capacity, the award was increased to £225,319.00 to allow for a Tariff Award, Past and Future loss of Earnings, Care and Pension losses.