Successful Appeal in Environmental Waste Case

February 19, 2015

Kim Hollis QC and David Pojur of St John’s Buildings were successful today on their appeal against conviction in an environmental waste case in the Court of Appeal Criminal Division.

Mr Pojur had represented a company director in a three-week contested jury trial. He pressed the trial judge to further define the definition of waste in accordance with domestic case law and European directive on waste.

This case was novel and complex said the Lord Justices in allowing the appeal and quashing the conviction, which was prosecuted by silk and junior for the Environment Agency. The respondents found the legal arguments advanced on behalf of the appellant unanswerable.

This is an important landmark decision in Environmental law and Waste management. It concerned complicated European directives and associated guidance. Miss Hollis QC and Mr Pojur’s submissions were warmly received by the appeal court.

See the full judgment.