Ryanair Passengers Could Claim Delay Compensation

August 21, 2015

Manchester County Court has ruled that millions of passengers who fly with Ryanair will have up to six years in which to claim compensation if their flight is delayed.

Simon Murray was instructed by Bott & Co to represent the claimants in a test case which could now see Ryanair passengers claim up to £610m in compensation for delayed flights.

The case was brought by two passengers who had missed the two-year window imposed by Ryanair.

Ryanair argued that by accepting its terms and conditions when they buy a ticket, passengers agree they only have two years to take a claim to court. However the Court of Appeal ruling in Dawson v Thomson Airways in 2014 clarified passengers in England and Wales have six years to take a claim to court.

The decision stands to affect around 2.26 million passengers and potentially total around £610m in compensation, calculated on the basis that on average two per cent of flights are delayed.

The ruling has implications for the wider industry, as other airlines would have been able to lower their own limitation periods to two years if Ryanair had won the case.

Ryanair has said it will appeal the ruling.

Download the judgement: Goel and Trevedi v Ryanair

The case received coverage in the national press including the Guardian, the Independent, Sky News and the BBC.