R v Eccleshare

August 11, 2015

Jonathan Turner prosecuted a man who was found guilty of stealing £8,000 from a family friend.

David Eccleshare admitted stealing the money in order to fund his online gambling habit. He had been entrusted with the bank card and PIN of Mrs Rosa Kay, after the lady was taken into hospital unexpectedly. She had asked Mr Eccleshare to look after her cat and visit her in hospital, and had given her bank details in order that he could pay for expenses incurred.

Manchester Crown Court heard that £9,943 had been withdrawn by Mr Eccleshare while Mrs Kay was in hospital but ruled that almost £2,000 had been spent legitimately.

Nigel Booth prosecuted at the sentencing hearing. Mr Eccleshare was jailed for two years and ordered to pay £2,500 compensation to Mrs Kay.

The case received coverage in the Daily Mail, the Manchester Evening News and the Bolton News.