R v Alun Kyte

February 16, 2023

Ben Lawrence prosecuted Alun Kyte, a convicted killer who was found guilty of violently sexually abusing a young boy in the years before the killings. Kyte is currently serving life sentences for the murders of  20-year-old Samo Paull and 30-year-old Tracey Turner in 1993 and 1994 respectively.

The five-year campaign of abuse, which began in the 1980s, saw Kyte punch, choke, kick and taunt the boy.

In a trial at Nottingham Crown Court, publication of Kyte’s name was restricted and the jurors were only given certain details about his past. The jury found him guilty of four counts of indecency with a child, three of attempting to choke, two of indecent assault on a male, and two other serious sexual offences. He will be sentenced on 24th February.

The case has received nationwide coverage on the BBC and ITV, and in the Independent, the Express and the Sun.