Philip Grundy settles clinical negligence case for £6.565m

February 2, 2024

JB has cerebral palsy arising from his birth in 2003, which caused him profound visual impairment.

The Court approved liability apportionment two years ago at 42.5%, because of the clear litigation risks. The matter therefore proceeded to quantum.

Numerous conferences took place with the Claimant’s medical team and the non-medical experts. After the liability split, the Defendant’s Counter-Schedule asserted that the claim was worth £4 million while the Claimant maintained that it was worth £8 million.

The matter proceeded to a JSM at which Philip Grundy advocated for a financial award rather than the Periodical Payments Order sought by the Defendants.

Following lengthy negotiations with leading counsel for the Defendant, and with the support of financial advisors Frankel Topping, the case was eventually compromised at £6.565m. This figure was subsequently approved at an Approval Hearing before His Honour Judge Freedman, the Resident Civil Judge for Newcastle upon Tyne , who had reserved the case to himself.

The claimant, his parents and his legal team were very appreciative of Philip’s input throughout the 8.5 years he has been involved with the case.

Philip Grundy was instructed by Nimish Patel of AWH Solicitors.