Pepin Aslett secures £6.3m worldwide freezing order over assets including cryptoassets

July 21, 2023

Pépin Aslett, instructed by Louise Goodwin of Clarke Willmott, successfully obtained an interim freezing order over defendants’ worldwide assets, including any cryptoassets held in cryptowallets.  Supportive orders for disclosure of assets were also made.

The case is brought against a former employee who is alleged to have defrauded a company of monies amounting to at least £6.3m. As long ago as 2018, a court previously permitted cryptoassets to be the subject of a freezing injunction (see Birss J in Vorotyntseva v Money-4 Ltd [2018] EWHC 2596 (Ch)) and subsequently, cryptoassets have been recognised  as a form of property in AA v Persons Unknown [2020] 4 WLR 35.

Pépin has particular knowledge about these issues and understands the need to urgently protect dissipation of crypto-capital held on the blockchain as much as conventional monetary and asset holdings.