Neil Montaldo


Phone: 0161 214 1500

Year of call: 2002

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Particularly recognised for his handling of high-value financial matters. He is noted for his specialism in Schedule 1 applications, as well as complex matrimonial finance matters involving trusts and other shared assets.

Strengths: “Neil Montaldo has excellent advocacy skills and ability to explain complex and emotional matters to clients in a calm and easy-to-understand manner, making them feel at ease and able to make a decision.” “Neil explains issues well and is well prepared in court.” “Neil Montaldo is excellent on TOLATA work.” Chambers UK Bar 2023

“Neil’s advocacy is a joy to behold. With an ability to take a Judge by the hand through the issues and lead them to a conclusion in the client’s favour is a gift. When combined with a bedside manner which leads to the lay clients hanging onto every word, Neil truly is an excellent barrister.Legal 500 2023

Legal Directory Recommendations

Strengths: “Neil is extremely clever, very easy to talk to and excellent at relating to clients.” “He gives advice in such a crystal-clear way. He does it in a calm and logical way and clients absolutely love him for it.” Chambers UK Bar 2022

“Neil’s advocacy really is superb. The style is firm without being aggressive and with the ability to pursue a point with energy and conviction without being inflammatory. When combined with an ability to ‘read’ and adapt to the judicial forum he is in front of it can achieve remarkable results. Neil’s bedside manner with the clients really is first rate enabling him to give clear advice without upsetting and making the lay client feel he really is fighting for them. Legal 500 2022

Strengths: “An excellent barrister, fully prepared at every hearing and an excellent communicator both in court and with the client.” “He is very client-focused and has an extremely good reputation before the court.” Chambers UK Bar 2021

“Neil is one of the best senior juniors available for matrimonial finance work. He has a reassuring manner with the lay client who always feels he is on on their side, is a pleasure to work with as an instructing solicitor and is liked and respected by Judges. He will not shy away from giving clear advice to clients but delivers it in a manner which does not upset or anger.” Legal 500 2021

Strengths: “He builds a fabulous client rapport with patience and kindness, whilst at the same time being a tough and forceful advocate.” “He is excellent. He has an extremely nice manner with clients, a very good relationship with judges, and is always well prepared for court hearings.” Chambers UK Bar 2020

“He goes to considerable lengths to ensure clients are comfortable and understand his advice.” Legal 500 2020

Strengths: “His preparation is immaculate.” “His advocacy skills and ability to explain matters to his clients in a way that is clear, calming and reassuring are second to none.” Chambers & Partners 2019

Strengths: “Neil has a rapidly growing reputation for doing excellent work. Clients instantly like him and, more importantly, judges trust his guidance. He is very good at his job and one to watch.” “He is very good with the clients, he knows the case throughout, and he is very calm and compassionate.” Chambers & Partners 2018

“An intelligent and pragmatic advocate.” Legal 500 2017

An excellent junior.” – Legal 500 2016

Has an excellent rapport with clients and soon puts them at ease.” – Legal 500 2015


  • Family - Finance

    Neil Montaldo is a specialist in Matrimonial Finance and receives instructions in applications concerning;

    • Financial Provision and Divorce
    • Maintenance Claims
    • Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements
    • Section 37 Applications
    • Cohabitation Agreements
    • Schedule 1 Children Act Applications

    He is also instructed in Trusts of Land (TOLATA) Applications.

    He is well respected on the Northern Circuit and is rated year after year in the Legal 500.

    Calm, very thorough and entirely trustworthy.” – Legal 500 2014

    Noted for his matrimonial finance expertise” – Legal 500 2013

    Neil Montaldo has a high and consistent level of commitment.” – Legal 500 2012


    Re D 2001 EWCA Civ 684

    J,A,M and X 2014 EWHC 4648 (Fam)

    Neil provides lectures to the Circuit on a regular basis and undertakes in-house advocacy and legal training.

    Client testimonials

    “Mr Neil Montaldo acted for me in the role of a Direct Access Barrister in my application for a Financial Dispute Resolution. This work resulted in my achieving a successful conclusion to my application.

    In all my dealings with Mr Montaldo he not only guided me in any work that I was required to carry out, which would normally have been the province of a solicitor. He also maintained a very supportive and patient role guiding me through the labyrinth of court detail which was required.

    My achievement of a successful outcome was a direct result of his support, guidance and experience in these matters.

    I would recommend Mr Montaldo to any person who wishes to engage a superb barrister who has the skills to diligently pursue successful outcomes.” – David Taylor

    It was clear from initial conference with Neil Montaldo that he was able to absorb the volumes of information involved in my case and ascertain a clear steer, direction and initial reading to provide me with the fully qualified comfort I needed. I was impressed and further comforted by the passion with which he adopted the case as if it were his own and it was with this that I felt completely reassured me that there would be no aspect overlooked or omitted from the case that would prove valuable to the result we sought.

    Neil was honest and frank when focusing our energies on the areas that would return the most benefit and gave immediate, invaluable and clear direction to members of my legal party that resulted in key strengths to our case when in court.

    During our two day final hearing trial Neil provided precise preparatory advice and reassurance to me before appearing in front of the judge.

    Neil is tenacious and impressive when cross examining a witness and was able to extract clear beneficial facts and rebuke other evidence in a manner that was clear, unequivocally and compelling to the judge which ultimately led to success on both matters in our proceedings.” – Jason Carr

    I would like to extend my sincere thank you for your representation on my behalf in the family court during my divorce hearing. It has been an extremely upsetting and distressing period in my life but with your expertise in securing a favourable outcome I now feel better. I have always enjoyed watching a professional at work whatever their job and you were no exception. When I left the solicitor’s office after meeting you for the first time, I knew he had secured me the best around – a fact that was further reinforced to me during the hearing.” – A client

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  • Public Access

    Neil is accredited to receive instructions directly from members of the public through the Public Access Scheme. Click here to view our Public Access pages and details of the process for instructing public access accredited barristers.

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