Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones - Barrister at St John's Buildings


Phone: 01244 323070

Year of call: 2016

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Kevin qualified as a solicitor in 2002 and worked as a defence practitioner, gaining a reputation as a persuasive advocate. He was also employed by the Crown Prosecution Service for ten years and prosecuted a full range of cases in the Crown Court. Kevin was called to the Bar in 2016 in order to develop his defence practice further. He has worked in the Crown Court since 2009.

Since joining Chambers, Kevin has developed a healthy defence practice covering a broad range of work. He is also a Grade 3 prosecutor.


  • Crime

    Court of Appeal

    R v C: Appearing for the Crown at the Court of Appeal following the imposition of a determinate sentence which was wrong in law.

    Theft and Dishonest Offences

    R v T: Prosecution of a dwelling burglary and subsequent contested POCA proceedings resulting in hidden assets of £68,000.

    R v M: Not guilty verdict in a case of a woman who was accused of stealing over £16,000 from her mother in law.

    R v D & Others: Not guilty verdict for one of four men found in a car with tools and numbers plates accused of going equipped to steal motor vehicles.

    Driving Offences

    R v E: Prosecution of the driver of a Quad bike for Dangerous Driving having caused injury to a child passenger.

    Violent Offences

    R v B: Prosecution of a DJ at a nightclub for assault whilst wearing a ‘costume’ which included a knuckleduster and CS spray.

    R v G: Prosecution of HGV driver for GBH road rage incident.

    R v N: Defending a man accused of administering a noxious substance. Following advice and representations on the substance involved, the Crown did not proceed with that charge.

    R v F: Defending a man accused of assaulting his partner. No complaint was made by her. Submitted arguments regarding the admissibility of Hearsay and Bad Character which resulted in the Crown dropping the case.

    R v H: Successful acquittal of a man accused of Coercive and Controlling behaviour against his current partner. Previous convictions for domestic violence had been admitted at trial.

    R v G & J: Defending one of two men accused of robbing a man of cash. Following cross examination of the victim the Crown reduced the offence conceding that no robbery had taken place.

    Drugs Offences

    R v A: Prosecution of Production of Class A drugs.

    R v M: Prosecution of a Class A Drug dealer.

    Operation Bullfight: Junior Prosecution Counsel in a four-month Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs trial involving over 20 defendants. Total sentence for all defendants was in excess of 100 years.

    Sexual Offences

    R v I & M: Defending one of two Romanian men accused of Rape. Case was stopped by the Crown after cross examination of the Complainant.

    R v F: Secured the acquittal of a young man who suffered from anxiety accused of rape a few years previously. The client said “Thank you for recommending Kevin to me as he was brilliant from start to finish, and I am so grateful for everything he has done for me.”

    R v J: Successful prosecution of an appeal of Rape against a youth Defendant. Appeal had been granted out of time as a result of ‘fresh evidence.’ However, following work carried out on advice which challenged the fresh evidence the defence did not call any such evidence and the conviction was upheld.

    Weapons Offences

    R v C: Successfully argued exceptional circumstances to avoid a mandatory minimum sentence for possession of a disguised weapon.

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