Julian Lloyd

Julian Lloyd - Barrister at St John's Buildings

Email: clerk@stjohnsbuildings.co.uk

Phone: 01244 323 070

Year of call: 1985

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Julian was educated at Bolton School and read Law at Cambridge University where he received a Squire Scholarship and was also President of the Union. He was called to the Bar by Gray’s Inn in 1985 where he won the Langrish Prize. After completing pupillage in London and practising briefly from London Chambers, Julian moved to Chester and practised continuously from Whitefriars Chambers until their merger with St John’s Buildings in 2008.


  • Family Law Bar Association (Chairman of Chester Branch 1999-2004)


  • Accredited for Direct Public Access instructions


  • Family - Children

    Family (Children, Public Law)

    Care Proceedings (For all types of parties including Local Authorities, Parents, Children, Grandparents and other Intervenors) including complex cases involving, for example:

    • Alleged factitious injury by proxy by a parent (so-called “Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy”)
    • One or more parents allegedly involved in very serious criminal activity or serving lengthy periods of imprisonment
    • Children having allegedly suffered serious sexual and/or physical abuse at the hands of parent(s) or others
    • Parents with serious mental health and/or physical disability issues

    Adoption Proceedings and Special Guardianship (whether in the context of Care Proceedings or otherwise) including:

    • Post adoption contact applications not only by natural parents but also by non-adopted or separately adopted siblings
    • The consequences of the breakdown of adoption

    Family (Children, Private Law)

    Disputes of all types including complex or unusual cases involving Child Arrangements Orders (until recently called Residence Orders and Contact Orders) and other forms of court order regulating or safeguarding children’s circumstances. For example:

    • A parent who has undergone or is contemplating Gender Reassignment (so-called “sex change”) surgery
    • Actual or allegedly intended abduction of children internally within the jurisdiction or internationally
    • Disputes involving children where the parties are or include people other than parents, such as grandparents, siblings, step-parents or other relations including situations where one or both parents have died, or lack the capacity to conduct litigation
    • Parents with serious mental health and/or physical disability issues
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  • Family - Finance

    In addition to accepting instructions in mainstream contested Ancillary Relief applications (where parties have been unable agree the financial arrangements consequent upon their divorce) Julian has experience of conducting the now rare cases where one party is contesting the granting of the divorce itself, whether by denying that the marriage has irretrievably broken down, denying adultery or unreasonable behaviour or relying on the statutory exceptions to the presumption in favour of divorce without consent after five years’ separation.

    Julian has extensive experience of both obtaining and resisting the grant of non-molestation orders both in the context of divorce and also between parties who are not married both in the context of allegations of physical domestic violence in the conventional sense and also in relation to other forms of allegedly oppressive or coercive behaviour including internet social media.

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  • Public Access

    Julian is accredited by the Bar Council to undertake direct public access work, and has experience of dealing with both child related and financial cases on this basis.

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