Daniel Currie

Email: clerk@stjohnsbuildings.co.uk

Phone: 01244 323070

Year of call: 2019

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Daniel joined St John’s Buildings as a tenant in October 2020 following the completion of his pupillage under the supervision of Neil Owen-Casey. Daniel’s practice encompasses all aspects of family law. He also practises in the Court of Protection and civil law, particularly personal injury.


  • BA Law, University of Oxford
  • Bar Professional Training Course, BPP University


  • Gray’s Inn Lord Justice Holker Scholarship
  • BPP University Programme Leader’s Award


  • Gray’s Inn
  • Wales and Chester Circuit
  • Family Law Bar Association (FLBA)


  • Family - Children

    Public Law

    In public law, Daniel represents parents, children’s guardians, intervenors and local authorities at all stages of proceedings. Daniel has appeared in his own right at all levels from the Magistrates’ Court to the High Court. He is available to draft documents such as skeleton arguments, threshold documents and case summaries. He has experience of representing vulnerable clients with learning disabilities and mental health difficulties. Daniel has conducted matters involving allegations of sexual abuse, child abduction, organised crime, placement out of the jurisdiction, non-accidental injuries and deprivation of liberty.

    Daniel has acted in cases involving complex legal and factual issues. These include deprivation of liberty and secure accommodation, historic and ongoing sexual abuse of children, non-accidental injuries, including brain injuries, and international relocation.

    Daniel has acted on appeal in the High Court and has been instructed to draft submissions in the Court of Appeal. He has developed his knowledge of niche legal issues such as the exercise of the parens patriae jurisdiction of the High Court and is available to advise on matters of law.

    Private Law

    Daniel represents all parties, including parents, grandparents, wider family members and children’s guardians in private law matters. He has conducted matters involving complex issues such as wrongful removal of a child from the jurisdiction, implacable hostility, retention of a child after contact, parental alienation, domestic abuse and sexual assault. He has a particular interest in matters involving the acquisition and termination of parental responsibility and has conducted and advised upon matters involving such issues


    A Local Authority v H

    Daniel successfully represented the local authority as a second junior appearing against leading counsel in a matter which involved a number of complex issues. The matter was protracted and involved coached and coerced allegations of sexual abuse against a parent, placement outside the jurisdiction, abduction of a child from foster care, media scrutiny, and vigilantism by an online campaign group. During the course of the case, Daniel advised on a range of issues, such as application to limit a parent’s participation in care proceedings.

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  • Family - Finance

    Daniel has acted in family finance and divorce matters to the conclusion of proceedings. He is available to advise on matters and draft documents within proceedings. Daniel has observed and assisted with family finance proceedings of a range of complexity during the course of his pupillage and thereafter, from needs cases to high value matters. He is keen to develop his practice in financial remedy matters.

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  • Court of Protection

    Daniel has experience of Court of Protection matters in welfare and in property and finance. He has conducted and assisted with welfare hearings such as sections 15, 16 and 21A MCA 2005 disputes and issues of local authority designation. He also has experience drafting opinions in relation to property and finance disputes. Daniel is familiar with the sensitive issues arising in these cases and is developing his practice in this area.

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  • Personal Injury

    Daniel has experience from his time as a County Court advocate of conducting matters including child settlements, landlord and tenant disputes, mortgage-related matters and civil applications such as applications to set aside judgment, applications for default judgment and for relief from sanctions.

    Daniel has further developed his experience during practice. He acts in all areas of personal injury work, including on the small claims and fast tracks, child settlements and Stage 3 hearings.

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