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R v Kirlew, Kirlew, Holding, Stagg

Laura Nash prosecuted at the sentencing of five men who were jailed following an attack which saw two people stabbed outside a nightclub in Shrewsbury.

The defendants, who pleaded guilty to all charges were:

  • Cain Kirlew, sentenced to eight years in prison for wounding with intent, plus another five years for a separate charge of wounding with intent and 18 months for affray, to run concurrently
  • Errol Kirlew sentenced to seven and a half years for wounding with intent and 14 months for another wounding with intent charge, to run concurrently
  • Rommell Holding, 27, of West Boulevard, Birmingham, received an 18 month community order for affray
  • Dominic Stagg, 27, of Culford Drive, Birmingham, given a 12 month community order for dangerous driving, ordered to do 100 hours unpaid work, fined £300 and given an 18 month driving ban
  • Jordan Pearson, 24, of Guild Close, Birmingham, sentenced to five years and three months for wounding with intent and got another three years and four months for another wounding with intent charge, to run concurrently.

The case was covered on the BBC website.