Michael Redfern QC and Sufiyan Rana settle two significant cases

December 3, 2020

Michael Redfern QC and Sufiyan Rana have achieved significant settlements in two high-profile cases.

The first, a case of infant stroke, settled for a Capitalised value of £6,258,845 and the second, a cause of schizophrenia case following a light to moderate RTA, settled at JSM for £1.2 million. More detailed case summary notes can be found here:

OTI (By her mother and litigation friend OI) -v- Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust – Infant stroke case – (October 2020)

Dr Abdul Basith -v- Nicole Parker – Causation of schizophrenia following mild to moderate RTA

In OTI the settlement was approved by Mrs Justice Lambert on 12 October and Mr Redfern and Mr Rana were instructed by Nina Ramsden of Jeffries Solicitors.

In Basith the case settled at JSM, with instructions being received from Faizan Arif of Whitehall Solicitors.