Men Jailed for Arranging ‘Sham Marriages’

September 26, 2016

Joanna Rodikis and Laura Nash prosecuted in the case of four men who were found guilty of committing fraud by arranging sham marriages. The men, based in Rochdale, were sentenced to a total of six years and three months’ imprisonment.

Shahid Mahboob and Nasir Khalil had both over-stayed their permission to be in the UK and Hammed Khan had a temporary student visa. Together with Muhammad Farhan, they bought women from poor backgrounds in Slovakia and married them after the women had been in Britain for a very short time.

The men, of Pakistani origin, will have their immigration status reviewed by the Home Office on release from prison.

Khan was jailed for two years, Mahboob for 18 months, Khalil for 15 months and Farhan (defended by Jonathan Turner) for 16 months.

The case received coverage in the Sun and on the CPS website.