Member prospectus launch

July 16, 2021

After a period of sustained success for Chambers, stretching into and beyond the impact of Covid-19, we are ready to continue our growth. We reviewed the services we provide our members and clients to ensure they remained market-leading. The review confirmed our view that St John’s Buildings has good reason to publicise our exceptional facilities, services and staff team as well as the successes of our barristers. For that reason, we have created a St John’s Buildings Prospectus to provide details about SJB, our barristers, work and staff, our values, how much it costs to join and be a member, and the services you benefit from as a member, as well as some information on each of the fantastic cities we are based in. We have done this in direct contrast to the usually secretive nature of chambers’ management seen at the Bar and in the hope that it helps St John’s Buildings feel and be more accessible to all.

At St John’s Buildings, we are proud of the exceptional service we provide to our barristers and clients.

The prospectus aims to show people what a chambers can and should deliver and that the North of England offers the same opportunities as the South, particularly following the impact of Covid and remote working.

The prospectus was launched following a pre-planned teaser campaign on Twitter, coordinated so that the prospectus was available before the summer recess. That way we allow prospective members the opportunity to consider whether they are satisfied with what they get from their current chambers.

While having a prospectus is in no way radical, we can find no other examples of a chambers being so open about the benefits and costs associated with being a member. We have sought to mirror a university prospectus, recognising that that will be the only prospectus that most of our colleagues at the Bar will ever have previously considered when making such a major life decision.

Please download your copy of our prospectus and do get in touch if you would like to discuss any aspect of becoming a member of St John’s Buildings.