Gang Jailed for ‘Trojan horse’ Jewellery Fraud

April 24, 2015

An organised crime group used a flat pack wooden desk cabinet as a ‘Trojan horse’ in an attempt to defraud Manchester jewellers of 2 million Euros.

In an elaborate scam the group posed as rich Italian businessmen. They built the cabinet so one of them could hide inside a void in the middle in order to switch the Euros for counterfeit currency after it had been checked and the jewellery released to others in the group.

At Manchester Crown Court, Luigi Arcuri, 73, Nikolic Giuliano, 37 and Antonino Ballistreri, 45, were each sentenced to two years and eight months in prison. A 17-year-old boy was given 16 months. All admitted conspiracy to defraud and possession of counterfeit currency.

Joanna Rodikis prosecuted.

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