Employment tribunals: Updated FAQs

June 2, 2020

The Presidents of the Employment Tribunals have issued updated replies to their FAQs document. There are now 25 replies. There is also a road map which sets out the proposed timeline for hearings. You can view the full document here.

Critically, the FAQs document has an additional type of claim listed as a priority at question 10 and that is:Covid-19 pandemic-related claims alleging detriment or dismissal on health and safety or protected disclosure grounds under sections 43B(1)(d), 44, 47B, 100 and 103A of the Employment Rights Act 1996.

This reflects, it could be said, the combined view of the presidents that there is a public interest in having cases involving detriments and/or dismissals for whistleblowing or H&S determined quickly.

The road map sets out an optimistic anticipated return to hearing some trials in person but with a system that was already buckling at the seams and with HMCTS staff likely being redeployed to criminal and family cases it is unlikely that much will happen for the rest of 2020.

Jason Searle, Head of our Employment team. 0161 214 1500