Discrimination claim over £1.6m divorce

May 14, 2019

Sally Harrison QC represented a wife who received a £1.6 million divorce settlement from her husband.

Alan Moher was ordered to pay the sum in November last year, along with £1,850 a month in maintenance until he grants his wife a ‘Get’. This is the document that officially ends a marriage under Jewish law.

Mr Moher claims a Get must be granted ‘freely’ and only when financial ties between a couple are ended, adding the maintenance payments would therefore invalidate the religious divorce.

He is fighting against the ruling at the Appeals Court and says that he is being discriminated against because of his religion.

Sally Harrison QC said: “It was reasonable for the judge to make an order which enabled the wife to be supported financially until such time as the Get was obtained.”

The case has been covered by The Times, The Daily TelegraphThe Daily Mail and The Jewish Times.