David Pojur successfully defends Coroner in High Court JR before Chief Coroner

April 7, 2020

The Divisional Court refused an application for judicial review of the Coroner’s conclusion in a case concerning medical treatment of a young woman suffering with her mental health.

The Claim concerned:

  1. Threshold for Causation
  2. Standard for Causation
  3. Irrationality of rejection of expert evidence
  4. Court breaching Art. 2 obligation
  5. Failure to find Neglect.

The hearing took place in person just before the Covid19 restrictions.

Griffiths J giving the judgment of the Court presided over by Dingemans LJ sitting with the Chief Coroner, rejected all four pleaded grounds and refused a renewal of a fifth ground. The judgment is available here.

This was a complex case of fact and law where the Coroner’s Decision and Record of Inquest were upheld in full.

David Pojur acts for a variety of Interested Persons at Inquests and sits as an Assistant Coroner.