March 16, 2020

Our team at St John’s Buildings are following the latest government advice in relation to coronavirus health and safety measures and self-isolation. Therefore, if you have any of the main symptoms of coronavirus we ask that you test for coronavirus before coming into Chambers. If you have tested positive within the last seven days, we ask that you do not come to our buildings until you have had two consecutive days of negative coronavirus tests.

We have taken a number of steps to ensure that Chambers has continued to provide our clients with an exceptional service throughout the pandemic. This has included additional cleaning, spot and surface cleaning, social-distancing, hand sanitiser stations and mask wearing where mandated. Our primary interest is the health of our staff, barristers and clients.

We have returned to working in Chambers and are holding conferences in person and by telephone and video. If you prefer to work remotely, all of our barristers and staff have access to Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, as well as telephone conferencing facilities, and all are accustomed to providing written and telephone advices and can do so at short notice where required.

Our intention is to ensure all conferences take place in a safe environment and that we follow latest government guidance.

In order to ensure your work can continue smoothly we have a number of measures that we can rely on. St John’s Buildings are award winning when it comes to our adoption of technology to facilitate electronic working. We can support clients with a remote service, even if in isolation. Our facilities include:

– Full electronic working solution
– Cloud storage and case document access
– Office 365 for all barristers and staff
– Skype for business
– Full telephone conferencing solution allowing multi-party calls, managed virtually
– Telephone system redirection and remote access

Moreover, our barristers are committed to assisting you. If that includes providing personal mobile phone numbers, we will do that. Please email or speak to one of our team.

We provide our services using encrypted devices and have achieved Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, ensuring our facilities are secure. While we remain committed to providing the same great service we always have, we encourage clients to use the technology that is available and avoid face to face conferences wherever possible. During this disruption our email addresses and phone numbers will remain the same. We have the ability to react quickly to any change in circumstances or specific client requirement. Please just ask.

We can be contacted at the details on our contact page as normal.

If you need a direct dial telephone number of a member of staff or their email address please click here for a full staff list.

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