Best Staff Survey outcomes yet as all respondents say that they are “proud to work for SJB”!

November 22, 2023

Chambers has recently reported back to its staff team following analysis of the 2023 Employee Engagement Survey and the results are even better than before!

100% of respondents agreed that “St John’s Buildings is a good place to work” and that they are “proud to work for SJB”.  89% said they would “recommend SJB as an employer to others”.

The overall engagement score from the survey was 91%, up from 85% in 2018 and 77% in 2016.

Employees were asked questions around all areas of work including, the organisation, their job, management, pay and benefits and their working environment.

98% of respondents agreed that “management are open and honest” and “visible and approachable”. 94% of respondents agreed that they enjoyed their job, with 96% finding their jobs interesting and challenging.

85% agreed that the overall pay and benefits package at SJB is a good one, 80% said they feel fairly paid for the work they do and 87% agreed they know what to do to see their salary increase. 93% are happy with their working hours. 94% agree that Chambers provides flexibility when they need it for personal emergencies.

Relationships in Chambers were also reported positively:

We are delighted with the survey outcomes which reflect our commitment to looking after our people both as employees and individuals.

Here are some of the benefits to working for St John’s Buildings:

Chambers is also the holder of a Certificate of Recognition for Wellbeing at the Bar from the Bar Council recognising all we have in place to support the wellbeing of staff, barristers and pupils in Chambers.