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Jamie Hill KC regularly appears for both the prosecution and defence in high profile cases across the North East.

With his extensive experience in all aspects of criminal law he is the Silk of choice for many defence solicitors when seeking leading counsel for clients charged with serious offences, including murder, manslaughter, sexual abuse, kidnap, rape and fraud. He has particular expertise in medical and scientific issues, with recent experience of non-accidental head injuries in babies, and involvement in a leading case in the interpretation of LCN DNA evidence

He can often be found at the centre of the high profile murder cases on the North Eastern Circuit.

His practice includes both legally aided and private work.

He also has considerable experience in employment and regulatory matters, particularly involving issues of Discrimination, Health and Safety and Police Disciplinary proceedings.

Jamie is married with two daughters. Outside of court he can be found trying to play golf, supporting Whitley Bay and Tynemouth Hockey Club or watching football.

Crown Court & appeals


R v Kamran (2009): Attempted murder gang violence in Bradford.

R v Fathi (2009): Murder within Iranian community on Teesside.

R v C (2010): Serial rapist in Hartlepool.

R v Gladstone (2010): Successful cut-throat defence in Gateshead murder.

R v Reed; R v Garmson (2010) 1 Cr App R 23: Leading case on the scope of expert evidence and the interpretation of LCN DNA.

R v Garbutt (2011): Melsonby Post Office murder.

R v D (2011): Historic sexual abuse case involving recovered memory syndrome.

R v Johnson (2011): Successful defence in an Easington murder based on interpretation of forensic evidence.

R v Willis (2011): Gateshead murder involving defendant with early onset dementia.

R v Rashid (2013): Successful defence in a notorious West Yorkshire murder at Leeds.

R v D (2013): A lengthy and complicated ‘shaken baby’ manslaughter.

R v Honeyman and others (2013): Prosecution of three handed South Shields murder.

R-v-O’Donnell (2013) Leeds Crown Court: Manslaughter prosecution with allegation of non-accidental head injury in a baby.

R-v-Garner (2013) Newcastle Crown Court: Cut throat defence in a murder with juvenile defendants.

R-v-Daniel Johnson (2014) Newcastle Crown Court: Prosecuting a murder with a defence of insanity.

R-v-Middleton and Sowerby (2014) Teesside Crown Court: Prosecution of Hartlepool axe murder.

R-v-Duncan (2014) Newcastle Crown Court: Defence of social worker charged with historic sex offences in Children’s Homes.

R-v-Sutton (2014) Leeds Crown Court: Defence of man accused of killing his wife and attempting to murder her children.

R v Uddinand ors (2015) Newcastle Crown Court: Defence of man accused of conspiring to incite prostitution and other serious sexual offences in Operation Shelter.

R v F & D (2016) Leeds Crown Court: Defence of 14 year old girl jointly accused of torture and murder of vulnerable woman.

[Also see R v F & D ex parte BBC and 8 ors. [2016] 2 Cr App R 13 re. contempt of court and reporting restrictions]

R v BC (2016) Teesside Crown Court: Successful defence of teenager accused of murder in context of a gang attack.

R v Imray (2016) Newcastle Crown Court: Successful defence of man with learning difficulty jointly accused of murder of vulnerable adult.

R v Dillon (2017) Newcastle Crown Court: Defence of a soldier accused of stalking and murdering ex-girlfriend.

Health & safety


R v Wood (2012): Health and Safety gross negligence manslaughter.

R-v-Park Gates Leisure (2013) Teesside Crown Court: Successful defence of a company accused of Health and Safety breaches following a fall from height.

Regina v Marsden, British Cycling and Duckworth (2018): This case concerned the death of a young woman spectating at a regional mountain bike race in North Wales. The defendants were the event organiser; British Cycling who sanctioned the event; and a steward who allegedly abandoned his post. The charges were under the Health and Safety at Work Act, and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, and included failing to ensure the health and safety of spectators; and failing to carry out suitable and sufficient risk assessments.

The case involved detailed consideration of the scope of undertakings; industry standards and the adequacy of British Cycling’s Handbook and Guidance. There was a lot of expert evidence during the course of the 5 week trial; and extensive legal argument. The BBC and Shropshire Star have covered the case.


Environment Agency v Huntsman Tioxide: Following a leak of sulphuric acid at Seal Sands, Teesside.

Professional discipline

Chief Constable of Northumbria –v- DE (2014): Defence of Sergeant charged with serious misconduct; including abuse of process arguments; case pursued to successful appeal before Police Appeals Tribunal.

Inquests & coronial


Inquest touching the death of Kirk Williams (2014) Teesside Coroner’s Court: Representing a Police Officer following a death in custody.


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  • Health and Safety Lawyers Association