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With over 25 years in practice, Andrew has a wealth of wide-ranging expertise in all areas of criminal law. His practice is based in Sheffield.

Andrew studied Law at Sheffield University and was called to the Bar in 1997. He competed in the final of the Lincoln’s Inn Mooting Competition that year. He took up an offer of pupillage at Paradise Chambers and has practised from a base in Sheffield ever since.

Crown Court & appeals

Andrew has particular specialism in serious sexual offences, acting for both the prosecution and the defence. He is often given the most challenging and complex cases and Defendants to represent. He is a very good communicator with Defendants, known for his pragmatic and genuine approach. He is a Grade 4 Prosecutor.

Alongside his work in serious sexual offences, Andrew often undertakes a range of the most serious types of criminal case. He has been led in murder cases and has acted as a leading junior on occasions. He also commonly undertakes cases involving armed robbery, drugs conspiracy, and wounding/GBH with intent.

Andrew has presented lectures for Chambers, including on the subject of abuse of process cases.


R v LS and DC, 2024

Prosecuted two men for their roles in the death of a 35-year-old man. DC was jailed for life, to serve a minimum of 18 years, and LS received a sentence of 11 years. Led by Nicholas Campbell KC (KBW). Covered in the Sheffield Star.

R v A, 2023

Prosecuted a man who was jailed for 21 years for raping a woman in a random attack. Covered on the BBC, ITV, the Sheffield Star and Yorkshire Live.

R v M, 2022

Prosecuted a Defendant charged with aggravated burglary which resulted in two victims receiving serious injuries. The case was covered by the Sheffield Star, BBC News and Yorkshire Post.

R v W, 2014

Represented the first Defendant as a leading junior in a nine-week, eight Defendant red diesel fraud where the loss to the revenue was said to be many millions of pounds. The case also involved a further conspiracy concerning multiple fake companies. This was a complex case with more than 10,000 pages of served evidence.

R v S, 2014

Defendant and son had committed serious sexual offences including rape over many years upon their daughter and sister respectively.

R v W, 2013

Defendant charged with Manslaughter. Leading junior in a case involving a fight between two young men where the deceased was allegedly struck to the head with a knuckleduster.

R v D & W, 2013

Prosecuted two Defendants in a serious example of wounding with intent where a vulnerable victim was set upon by two of her acquaintances in the flat of one of them using weapons and over a prolonged period.

R v G, R v P: 2012

Led junior in two Murder cases that year. The first involved a multiple defendant Murder involving the killing of one of the dealers of a drugs gang by the gang members. His dismembered body parts were recovered in numerous different waterways across Lincolnshire. The second matter involved representing a young man with learning difficulties alleged to have committed murder and then sought to destroy the evidence by setting fire to the house containing the deceased. The defendant was acquitted.