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Mark Heald

Senior Clerk - Criminal and Regulatory

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Shell Edmonds

Criminal Clerk

Alison is an experienced criminal barrister, with a busy crown court practice.

Crown Court & appeals

Alison practises all areas of criminal law. She is a grade 3 Prosecutor on the CPS panel.


RSPCA Prosecutions: Animal welfare officers called to appalling scenes at Cumbrian farm: Robert Park and Linda Foulder Park prosecuted for trading standards (farm animals) and RSPCA (domestic animals including numerous types of animal) neglect including starvation/loss of water/death. Expert evidence reviewed and presented.

R v Tajamul Khan et al, Manchester Crown Court, June 2015: Represented defendant in multi-handed fire regulations sentence billed as a ‘landmark’ fire service case.

R v Swift, Chester Crown Court, May 2015: Defended historic allegation of rape and sexual assaults where the defendant was the step brother of complainant who was 10 years his junior.

Successfully defended a number of privately paid motoring cases throughout England and Wales.

R v MacFarlane at Mold Crown Court: defending allegations of incest.

R v Scott at Carlisle Crown Court: defending a multi-handed (36 defendants) Cash for crash fraud trial.

R v Archbold, Preston Crown Court, May 2013: Led junior defending a client acquitted of murder and convicted of diminished responsibility manslaughter.

R v Townsley, Carlisle Crown Court, November 2012: Serious, and historic sexual offences: Trial of client accused of familial rape.

R v Duncan et al, Carlisle Crown Court, July 2013: Guilty plea and sentence to offence of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice following the death of a man from an accidental heroin overdose.

R v Ray, Carlisle Crown Court, March 2013: Arson: Mentally disordered client who set alight to her property in a suicide bid.

R v MacDonald et al, Carlisle Crown Court, February 2014: Multi-handed class A drugs conspiracy.

R v Hyde et al, Carlisle Crown Court, October 2012: Drugs conspiracy: Client acquitted upon half time submissions having been accused of orchestrating an internet business selling mephedrone and associated drugs.

R v Brown et al, Carlisle Crown Court, October 2014: Child neglect.

R v Watson et al, Carlisle Crown Court, November 2013: Tachograph offences and private driving offences.

R v Park et al, Carlisle Magistrate’s Court, November 2012: RSPCA and Trading Standards Successfully prosecuted two defendants who neglected and ill treated farm and domestic animals.

R v Mean, Carlisle Crown Court, August 2013: DWP benefit fraud.

R v Mandale, Court of Appeal, May 2011: AG Reference No. 17 of 2011.


  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Northern Circuit