27 Years Imprisonment for Sheffield Man Guilty of Three Stabbings

August 23, 2018

On 22 August 2018 Khalid Mokadeh was sentenced to 27 years imprisonment at Sheffield Crown Court for three separate knife attacks. Mokadeh, now aged 22, had fatally stabbed Sami Al-Saroori through the heart in a late night attack in the street on 9 September 2017. In the months prior to that incident he had stabbed Sami’s younger brother, Mohammed, causing a serious abdominal injury requiring surgery.  Just three days prior to the fatal stabbing he had also attacked a stranger with a knife.

Passing sentence, Judge Paul Watson QC, said:

“Knife crime, not just in this city but across the country, has reached epidemic proportions. Almost daily we read of young lives being lost to the mindless violence of those who carry knives whilst out on the street. Husbands, sons, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters never to return to their families and loved ones because they have fallen victim to the plague of knife crime. Unsurprisingly, sentencing in cases involving the use of knives, particularly in fatal cases has increased to reflect the genuine concern in society at the spread of crime involving the use of knives. The public are rightly anxious that if the courts do not take knife crime seriously the epidemic will only spread. There would be justifiable outrage if a case such as this was not met with the most condign punishment. Somehow, this slaughter on our streets has to stop.”

Richard Thyne appeared for the prosecution, together with Nicholas Campbell QC of KBW Chambers, Leeds.

The case was covered on BBC News.