Raquel Simpson

Raquel Simpson - Barrister at St John's Buildings

Email: clerk@stjohnsbuildings.co.uk

Phone: 0161 214 1500

Year of call: 1990

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Raquel studied at the London School of Economics and the Inns of Court. She was called to the Bar by the Inner Temple in 1990.


  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Northern Circuit
  • Registered Pupil Supervisor


Between 1992-96 Raquel spent four years prosecuting serious and complex tax frauds as an employee of the Inland Revenue Solicitor’s Office. This included:

  • Giving advice on evidence, case preparation, conduct of Magistrates’ Court hearings, Crown Court applications for search warrants and letters of request
  • Joint prosecutions and liaison with other agencies, including: Customs and Excise, Department of Social Security, Department of Immigration, Serious Fraud Office and the police
  • Judicial review hearings arising from criminal prosecutions
  • Advising the conduct and discipline section, preparing internal prosecutions and revising its interview procedure following the introduction of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994
  • Representing Solicitor’s Office at the Home Office consultation on the new (1996) Codes of Practice
  • Preparing the Inland Revenue’s first extradition
  • Negotiating disclosure of evidence from foreign jurisdictions
  • Representing Solicitor’s Office at OECD meetings.


  • Crime

    Raquel specialises in criminal law. Although she mainly defends she is currently on the Crown Prosecution List of Advocates and Rape Panel.

    Raquel regularly acts as a leading junior or a junior acting alone in cases of murder and manslaughter. She has recently been instructed to defend as a leading junior in the first prosecution by HMRC in respect of a Film Tax Credit and VAT fraud.

    Raquel is highly organised and analytical. She is approachable by clients and opponents outside court but is a tenacious and compelling advocate once inside the courtroom.

    Although based in the North West Raquel is instructed nationally.


    R v Ellis: Defended a man who was accused of breaching his suspended sentence and a restraining order. Ellis was sentenced to 18 months, suspended for two years. The case was covered in the Manchester Evening News.

    R v Hannay: Acquitted of rape of cousin. (Tuckers Solicitors)

    R v Brown: Acquitted following successful submission of abuse of process/autrefois convict. (Poole Townsend Solicitors)

    R v Snook: Acquitted of assaulting wife and daughter. (Slater Gordon Solicitors)

    R v Avarvarei: Acquitted of kidnapping following successful submissions of no case to answer. (Poole Townsend Solicitors)

    R v Cowans: Appeal against conviction upheld by the Court of Appeal. (CPS Appeals Unit)

    R v Stephens: Acquitted of historical sexual allegations of a boy. Preston Crown Court. (Poole Townsend Solicitors)

    R v Bradley: Acquitted of date rape. Minshull Street Crown Court. (Tuckers Solicitors)

    R v Rayner: Acquitted of rape of child. Manchester Crown Square. (Tuckers Solicitors)

    R v Grimshaw: Successful prosecuted historic allegations of rape of foster daughter. Preston Crown Court. (RASSO Lancashire and Cumbria)

    R v Redfern: Acquitted of historic allegations of rape of stepdaughter. Shrewsbury Crown Court. (Terry Jones Solicitors)

    R v Edwards: Secured a suspended sentence for an historic offence of threats to kills (with an imitation firearm) Preston Crown Court. (Slater Gordon Heelis Solicitors)

    R v Middleton: Acquitted of sexual offences with a child. Minshull Street Crown Court. (Hartley Thomas Wright)

    R v Rigby: Attempt murder. Preston Crown Court. (Poole Townsend Solicitors)

    R v Nolan: “Body in the boot” murder. Led by Peter Birkett QC. Manchester Crown Square. (Tuckers Solicitors)

    R v Rahman: Acquitted of Rape in a “Rochdale grooming case”. Minshull Street Crown Court. (Tuckers Solicitors)

    R v Cairns: Acquitted of Rape of three daughters. Minshull Street Crown Court. (Kevin Nicholas Solicitors)

    R v Jessop: Conspiracy to Supply Drugs – Bolton Crown Court. Six weeks (Tuckers Solicitors) The case received national press coverage including The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, and The Mirror.

    R v Murray: Manslaughter – Liverpool Crown Court. (Tuckers Solicitors)

    R v Sherwood: First HMRC Film Tax Credit Fraud – Southwark Crown Court. (Pannone Solicitors/JMW Solicitors)

    R v Abdul Hamid: Banking Fraud (£80 million) – Southwark Crown Court (Kristina Harrison Solicitors)

    R v Royle: Murder (Committed while on Bail): Rape (Acquitted) – Preston Crown Court (Poole Townsend Solicitors)

    R v Wilson: Attempted Murder – Preston Crown Court. (Poole Townsend Solicitors)

    R v Rahman: Acquitted of Gay Rape – Liverpool Crown Court (Bakers Solicitors)

    R v Brazauski: Acquitted of False Imprisonment of Ocado driver – Leicester Crown Court (Bakers Solicitors)

    R v Boyd: 15-year-old boy acquitted of Rape of two girls – Liverpool Crown Court (Scott Doyle Molyneux Solicitors)

    R v Moore: Death by Driving while under the Influence of Drugs – Preston Crown Court (Poole Townsend Solicitors)

    R v Blandford: Acquitted of Child Neglect: Money Laundering – Chester Crown Court (Yates Arden Solicitors)

    R v Norbury: Blackmail by Prostitute – Chester Crown Court (Hogan Brown Solicitors)

    R v Murtagh: Successful appeal against conviction for Child Abduction – Preston Crown Court and Court of Appeal (Morgan Brown Cahill Solicitors)

    R v Vaughan: Tax Fraud (Defendant pretended to be deceased) – Manchester Crown Court (Pannone Solicitors)

    R v Porter: Insurance Broker acquitted of Insurance Fraud following an Abuse of Process argument – Leeds Crown Court (Pannones Solicitors)

    R v Das: VAT Evasion, Vodka distillery – Liverpool Crown Court (Bakers Solicitors)

    R v Ziga: Rape of three women – Manchester Crown Court (Richardson Mail Solicitors)

    R v Maruntelu: People Trafficking. Acquitted of Rape – Manchester Crown Court (Tuckers Solicitors)

    R v Kwao: Acquitted of Assaulting 11-year-old son and wife – Manchester Crown Court (Yates Ardern Solicitors)

    R v Stansfield: Head doorman acquitted of Assault – Manchester Crown Court (Harry Boodhoo Solicitors)

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  • Regulatory

    Raquel is an experienced regulatory barrister. Her work includes Environmental Agency prosecutions, HSE cases, licensing law and license decision appeals, Judicial Review and misconduct in office (police, fire, medical).

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