Oliver King

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Year of call: 2001

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Oliver has twenty years advocacy experience and is a criminal law specialist. His knowledge and practice spans the range of criminal offences, however, his main areas of expertise are sexual offences, violence and drugs.

A direct access barrister, Oliver is able to accept instructions on behalf of members of the public as well as professional clients.


  • Criminal Bar Association.


  • Direct Public Access


  • Crime

    Oliver is particularly skilled at questioning young and vulnerable witnesses under the provisions of section 28 of the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999. He demonstrated this in a recent case where his careful questioning of a six year old child resulted in the conviction of her father for sexual abuse and a nine year prison sentence.

    In another serious and high profile case from Cheshire, Oliver prosecuted a man for attempting to murder his own child. He was found guilty and received a long term of imprisonment.

    This year Oliver has also prosecuted several county lines drugs cases. This has involved assimilating large amounts of data including cell site, telecommunications, ANPR, social media and CCTV in order to present a case that a jury would be able to follow.

    Oliver has built a strong defence practice. He is well regarded by those who instruct him for his ability to put clients at ease and explain the law in a straightforward way.

    In March 2019 he successfully argued that a youth accused of conspiracy to supply class a drugs from Liverpool to North Wales was the victim of modern slavery. It was the first time the new defence was used in North Wales and following the youth’s acquittal, he has provided guidance to other barristers and solicitors on the process.

    In May of this year, Oliver defended a Wrexham man accused of making explosives. After a persuasive plea in mitigation, the man received a suspended prison sentence.

    Also in May, Oliver secured a not guilty verdict for a man accused of severing another man’s hand with a machete; his meticulous questioning of the witnesses exposed a number of weaknesses in the prosecution case.

    Oliver is also committed to training and development. He has delivered talks to students at the Universities of Chester and Glyndwr and is involved in the assessment of police officers in the areas of surveillance, disclosure and using human intelligence sources.

    Cases 2019

    R v Luke Davies [Mold Crown Court – November]: Male under influence of cocaine who led police on a 40-minute pursuit, narrowly avoided hitting a pedestrian and was only stopped when police deployed a stinger and rammed his car, spared jail. The case received coverage in the Daily Post.

    R v Naveed Ahmed [Chester Crown Court – October]: Prosecuted courier of £1.7 million worth of crack cocaine who received 8 years’ custody.

    R v Barry Mappley [Caernarfon Crown Court – October]: Photographer who used covert camera to spy on naked model spared jail. The story was covered by The Daily Post.

    R v Mark Hesketh [Chester Crown Court – September]: persuaded the sentencing judge to suspend the prison sentence of a man who imported stun guns disguised as torches into the UK.

    R v Michael Doyle [Liverpool Crown Court – August]: prosecuted a 34 year old man from Widnes who sexually abused his 6 year old daughter.

    R v Quyet Hoang & Khaoi Nguy [Caernarfon Crown Court – July]: prosecuted a Vietnamese illegal immigrant who tended to a cannabis crop worth £1.1 million.

    R v Lee Naughton [Liverpool Crown Court – May]: secured a not guilty verdict for a man accused of severing another man’s hand with a machete.

    R v Phillip Davies [Mold Crown Court – May]: defended a man accused of making explosives in his bedsit in Wrexham.

    R v Jade Howarth [Caernarfon Crown Court – March]: successfully argued modern slavery defence for youth accused of being part of a conspiracy to bring crack cocaine and heroin into North Wales.

    R v Sihung Hung Hoang [Chester Crown Court – March]: prosecuted a chef who poured boiling hot oil over a co-worker.

    R v Tylo Jamieson, Danielle Wilson & Reece Williams [Chester Crown Court – February]: prosecuted a conspiracy to supply class a drugs over the border from Manchester to Cheshire.


    Older Notable Cases  

    R v Craig Richardson [Mold Crown Court – August 2018]: defended a Wrexham cocaine dealer who received a suspended prison sentence.

    R v OB [Chester Crown Court – August 2018]: prosecuted a man accused of stabbing his two-year-old son in the neck who was convicted and received 12 years in prison. The case was reported in the Liverpool Echo.

    R v Ryan Skeels [Mold Crown Court – February 2018]: defended a man who was found not guilty of sexually assaulting a woman in a Llangollen woodland.

    R v Perry Jones [Mold Crown Court – October 2017]: defended a man charged with conspiracy to murder where prosecution accepted a plea to assisting an offender.

    R v Touhidi [Warrington Crown Court – December 2016]: defended a man who was found not guilty of raping a female in the toilet of a Macclesfield take-away.

    R v a youth [Mold Youth Court – August 2016]: defended a youth from Wrexham cleared of double rape.

    R v John Williams [Liverpool Crown Court – June 2016]: not guilty verdict for a man accused of raping and assaulting his ex-wife.

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  • Regulatory

    Oliver is building a reliable reputation for his work in this area. He has advised and represented several local hauliers upon road traffic (construction and use) regulations and has appeared on behalf of VOSA when breaches of regulations are brought before the Magistrates’ Courts. He has produced a number of publications in this area to assist local businesses.

    Oliver has appeared on behalf of the HSE in prosecutions brought against employers for breaching health & safety regulations and also for employers who are on the receiving end of alleged breaches.

    Oliver spent six years working within Kent Police. This experience gave him an insight into the reality of policing. Oliver believes this knowledge, coupled with his twenty years experience as an advocate, puts him in a very strong position to defend police officers and police employees accused of misconduct.


    Oliver advises and represents clients as varied as taxi drivers, doormen and pub landlords in respect of all licensing matters.

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  • Courts Martial and Service Law

    Oliver has experience of defending a range of criminal offences before the Military Courts Martial, including being absent without leave, assault, theft and perverting the course of justice. He has gained valuable insight into the practises of the RMP and how that differs from the civilian police and has sat with a judge in a trial in the Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus. His particular interest is the integrity and continuity of evidence obtained by the RMP and he has secured a number of acquittals as a result of deficiencies in this area. Oliver is able to build a good rapport with his clients and is preferred by solicitors because of his relaxed and friendly approach.

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  • Public Access

    Oliver is a direct access barrister, which means members of the public can contact him directly for advice and representation. His clerks will be happy to assist anyone who has an enquiry in relation to instructing Oliver directly.

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