Natalie Ashkar

Natalie Ashkar - Barrister at St John's Buildings

Natalie has a first class LLB Law degree from the University of Warwick, and an LLM from Cambridge University. Having been awarded an Exhibition and Duke of Edinburgh Scholarship from Inner Temple, she achieved a “very competent” from Nottingham Law School in the BVC.

In 2015, Natalie was awarded a Pegasus Scholarship and worked for three months with the Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia. Natalie assisted in the preparation of a paper presented by the Chief Justice at the Children’s Issue Forum in Hong Kong, and also assisted with the running of the Common Law and Commonwealth Conference 2015 in Sydney. Upon her return to the UK, Natalie gave a presentation to the Derbyshire Family Justice Board about the Australian Family Courts. Natalie has regularly provided training to social workers and health visitors.


  • Family - Children

    Natalie accepts instructions in all areas of family children law, and is very experienced in public and private child matters. She accepts instructions from parents, guardians, intervenors and third parties as well as local authorities.

    Having initially practised from a large London common-law set, where she was often instructed in family cases, Natalie has been working for the past six years as in-house counsel at a local authority. She represented the local authority in all manner of hearings, including EPOs, applications for s.34(4) orders, contested adoptions and fact-findings. Natalie has also attended and provided advice at PLOs, Edge of Care and Secure Accommodation criteria panel meetings. She has a particular interest and expertise in designation disputes between local authorities.

    Natalie was authorised to conduct litigation, and has held her own cases, and is well-used to issuing and attending at urgent applications. She is experienced in applications for s.8 Children Act orders, non-molestation orders and Special Guardianship orders. Natalie is very experienced in care and placement applications, and always ensures she provides a high level of service.

    Natalie has experience of complex cases, and has been instructed in cases involving allegations of physical and sexual abuse and neglect. Natalie was led by Frances Heaton QC in a complicated fact-finding involving allegations of attempted neonaticide. She has also been instructed in cases involving the Official Solicitor, and has frequently dealt with unrepresented parties.

    Natalie has been instructed in cases with international elements, and has advised and represented the local authority in cases involving foreign national children and also the placement of children abroad. She has advised upon the placement of a child in Ireland under a care order and the obtaining of a British passport for a child in local authority care.

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