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Joanna Rodikis - Barrister at St John's Buildings
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Year of call: 1993

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Joanna read Law at the University of Central Lancashire and was called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple in October 1993 having received a Blackstone’s scholarship from the Inn to study the BVC. She practises criminal law exclusively.


  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Middle Temple


  • Crime

    Joanna is a highly effective and well regarded advocate on the Northern Circuit. She is an established criminal practitioner who prosecutes and defends in cases in the Crown and Appellate Courts. She has wide ranging experience from general criminal cases to serious sex cases, fraud, organised crime and murder. Joanna is a Grade 4 Prosecutor and is listed on the Specialist Panel for Rape and Serious Sex Offences.

    Joanna has long and extensive experience in prosecuting and defending cases as a senior junior or leading counsel. Her expertise and specialist knowledge lies in dealing with cases of rape, child physical and sexual abuse, internet sex offences [indecent images, chat line grooming] and voyeurism. She has prosecuted and defended in cases involving multiple defendants, prison riots, gangland murders, serious drugs cases, armed robberies and firearms cases.

    Rape and Serious Sex Cases

    Joanna has dealt with the full spectrum of cases in this area. She has dealt specifically with False Memory Syndrome in Historic Abuse allegations, stranger attacks, domestic abuse, date rapes, intoxication obviating consent, sleep walking and non-insane automatism. Joanna has dealt with expert evidence in computer based crime, abuse of process arguments in historic matters and multiple complainant cases with issues of cross-admissibility of evidence.

    Immigration Fraud

    Joanna has dealt with a number of cases in this area. Sham marriages involving European and non-European immigrants, false passport and false document cases and other deceptions. She understands the sentencing criteria, dealing with worldwide antecedents and deportation principles.

    Complex/Organised Crime

    Joanna has worked with various teams and agencies in serious criminal cases involving large numbers of defendants involved in organised crime. From drugs to firearms, fraud and robbery to murder and manslaughter. Joanna has acted as both leading counsel and senior junior.

    Joanna also has specialist knowledge and experience of large scale organised crime and fraud cases. She is instructed by the CPS on behalf of the U.K.B.A to prosecute Immigration fraud and “sham marriages”. She is also instructed by the Complex Crime Unit in Manchester to prosecute very serious criminal cases.

    Joanna is very conscientious and gives her full care and attention to every case and every client. She is an effective communicator, approachable and a team player. In court she is confident, robust and tenacious.


    R v Simpson (December 2018): Catholic priest charged with historical sex offences. Four victims who were altar boys and schoolboys 35 years earlier. The family of three of the four victims was befriended by the defendant who groomed the boys so that he could sexually abuse them. The case was reported in Wigan Today.

    R v O Brien (October 2018): Historical sexual abuse by a defendant upon his neighbour’s two daughters. One, from the age of 12 to 19, the other from 16 to 18. The first girl suffered from poor mental health and required the assistance of an Intermediary. The case raised issues of cross-admissibility and collusion.

    R v Yarasir et al (April 2018): Leading counsel in a case involving eight defendants charged with conspiracy to import  a significant amount of heroin into the UK. The case involved an Organised Crime Group and included a variety of evidence from surveillance evidence, mobile phone evidence, cell site analysis and searches. The drugs amounted to 210 kilograms of heroin with a street value of about 63 million pounds. The case was reported on the BBC, The Guardian and the Daily Mail.

    R v Jennifer Crichton (January 2018): Defendant charged with Murder of her baby along with Causing Serious Bodily Harm to another baby 14 years earlier. The case involved a substantial amount of expert medical evidence dealing with ‘shaken baby syndrome’. The case was reported on the BBC, The Guardian, The Daily Mail and The Sun.

    R v Stacey Hughes (October 2017): Defendant charged with Assisting an Offender; linked to the case of Ryan Gibbons and Raymond Davies. Defendant said to have lied to police and booked Mr Gibbons into a hotel under a false name to hide him from the police. Mr Gibbons was charged with and convicted of Murder; Mr Davies, Manslaughter. Miss Hughes was acquitted. Interesting bad character application based upon previous false alibi, which did not result in arrest, investigation or charge 4 years earlier, yet admitted as similar fact evidence. The case was reported in the MEN, the Metro, the Daily Mail, and The Telegraph.

    R v Nathan Hastings (September 2017): Defendant met a vulnerable 11-12 year old child on line and befriended him. He groomed him over a period of months and formed an inappropriate sexual relationship. The relationship continued despite an Abduction Warning notice through surreptitious means. Case involved detailed phone analysis, cell site and computer analysis. This case was reported in the MEN, The Metro, and The Daily Mail

    R v David Glausiusz  (May 2017): Ultra Orthodox  Jew charged with serious offences of sexual abuse and child cruelty upon some of his own 15 children. The case involved consideration of cultural issues and the way in which this particular jewish community existed and functioned within the wider Manchester community and other cultures. The case was reported in the Manchester Evening News, Daily Mirror, ITV, The Jewish Chronicle, and the Deccan Chronicle.

    R v Charlotte Jackson (March 2017): This case involved a mother accused of murdering her baby daughter. The case was unusual as the defendant had originally been charged with Section 18 in 2008 and the child died 5 years later resulting in a coroner’s enquiry and murder charge. The case raised interesting causation issues; admissibility of original plea to S18 and Psychiatric issues. Also whether the case should have been charged as Infanticide as opposed to murder. The case was reported in the Manchester Evening News, the Sun, the Metro and the Mirror.

    R V Nasir Khalil et al (September 2016): Prosecuted in the case of four men who were found guilty of committing fraud by arranging sham marriages. The men, based in Rochdale, were sentenced to a total of six years and three months’ imprisonment. The case received coverage in the Sun and on the CPS website.

    R v Ravinder Singh et al (May 2016): Leading junior in a lengthy and voluminous trial. The case concerned nine defendants charged with Immigration offences. The main defendant ran a bogus charity which recruited Sikh Ministers of Religion. He was paid thousands of pounds by the co-defendants to assist them in obtaining visas from the Home Office by deception. This was an extremely complex case with a number of evidential and legal complexities. The case was covered in the Manchester Evening News and the Mirror, and the sentencing in the Manchester Evening News.

    R v Peter Taylor (2016): Senior solicitor and partner in long established law firm defrauded and stole from two clients’ estates. The defendant was the probate solicitor in charge of dealing with two ladies’ estates. He pleaded guilty to stealing about £400,000 over a period of four to five years. He was sentenced to three years imprisonment.
    The case required sensitivity and continuity of representation having regard to the needs of the defendant and his family. Despite his age and legal experience, he was in a whole new world and was clearly very anxious about the proceedings.

    R v Arcuri et al (April 2015): Conspiracy to defraud by European organised crime group attempting to defraud Manchester jewellers of 2 million euros. An elaborate scam in which the group presented as very rich business men with a sound knowledge of watches and diamonds. Tried to entice the jewellers to a hotel as the “banker” did not wish to be identified. At the hotel, one defendant would hide in a specially made cabinet and switch real for counterfeit currency after it had been checked and the jewellery released to others in the group.

    R v Sancidinu Da Silva (February 2015): Professional footballer charged with raping drunken girl whilst asleep. Issue of presumed lack of consent due to sleep. Defence was that she was awake and participated in sexual intercourse having minutes earlier had oral and vaginal sex with another man.

    R v John Pye (2014): Case involving historic sexual abuse.  Complicated issues of bad character, mental health of complainant and defendant and social services/local health authority records. Childhood amnesia a feature of the case. (Reported).

    R v Talukdar et al (2013): Nine defendants in organised criminal fraud creating and selling false identity documents to illegal immigrants for approx. £10,000 per customer. Proceeds laundered through the purchase of properties and through various bank accounts.

    R v Magumba (2012): Corrupt vicar involved in conducting a number of sham marriages for cash. (This was reported in the BBC news and many national papers).

    R v Olusanya and Ogunrinde (2012): A married couple who engaged in a sham marriage. Wife attended the fake wedding and then adopted the identity of the bride. This case was widely reported and the case went to the Court of Appeal.

    R v Oliviera (2012): Linked to the R v Olusanya and Ogunrinde (2012) as the facilitator of nine sham marriages.

    R v Murtaza et al (2011): Six defendants possessing firearms with intent.  All caught with a loaded sawn off shotgun and loaded handgun en route to rip off an associate in a 3 kilo drugs deal.

    R v Nazir Ahmed (2011): A double prostitute rape; both victims abducted from the street, strangled and violently raped.

    R v Alan Sykes (2011): Defended in historic abuse case involving False Memory Syndrome.

    R v Murko et al (2010): Seven defendants in an immigration conspiracy fraud; seven Europeans entering into numerous marriages with Nigerians in an organised criminal fraud.

    R v Aaron Coughlan et al: Allegation of serious drug dealing and drugs related murder in Stockport.  Represented one of seven Defendants [Beddows] and succeeded with abuse of process argument after nine months of evidence and submissions.

    R v Paul Dewar: Defended in prison riot case. Subsequently reached House of Lords re: Article 6.

    R v David Partington: AG Ref. (No.86 of 2003) [2004] 2 Cr.App.R. (s). 79 sub nom R-v-David Partington (2004) Conspiracy to Steal. Defended a bank clerk at the centre of a large conspiracy to steal from telephone banking customers. Avoided prison sentence; subject of AG Ref.

    R v W (R): 12-year-old boy pleaded guilty to serious robbery and received a custodial sentence. Court of Appeal overturned decision stating a child under 12 and not a persistent young offender should only go to prison in the ‘most serious’ and ‘grave’ cases.

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