Brian McKenna

Brian McKenna - Barrister at St John's Buildings


Phone: 0161 214 1500

Year of call: 1983

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Brian is an experienced criminal barrister who has handled cases including the most serious and complex criminal matters. He has prosecuted and defended in cases of:
• Murder
• Manslaughter
• Fraud (including DSS Fraud)
• Theft
• Arson
• Sexual offences (including sex with minors and paedophilia)
• Drugs
• Child cruelty
• People Trafficking
• The full range of public order offences.


  • Crime

    Murder/Assault/Public Order

    R v Herbert: Prosecution Junior on the murder of Sophie Lancaster (the so called “Goth Murder”). March 2007
    R v McCrea – January 200: serious assault.
    R v Southern – 2007: Serious assault, domestic violence.
    R v Chadwick – March 2008
    R v Ashworth – December 2008
    R v Charnock – November 2009


    R v Greenhalgh 2007: Prosecution of the so called “Artful Codgers”. Forgery of antiquities. Internationally reported case
    R v Porter 2007
    R v Mallu 2008: credit card fraud on an international scale
    R v Patel 2008: schoolboy running an extensive eBay fraud
    R v Hayes 2009: company checkbook fraud
    R v Pilkington: theft from pensioners
    R v Smith: conspiracy to steal
    R v Lynch 2008: DSS fraud
    R v Bradshaw 2008: DSS fraud
    R v Kearsley 2009: DSS fraud
    R v Bradshaw 2009: DSS fraud


    R v Wiggins 2008
    R v Bentham 2008
    R v Ahmed Noor 2008
    R v Carrington 2009
    R v Nixon 2009
    R v Duncanson 2010 Cultivation of Cannabis
    “Operation Marengo” 2008:
    R v White 2008
    R v Valentine 2009

    Prison Riots

    R v Saleem


    R v Cotton 2007 – defence junior: man accused of murder after dousing his flatmate in petrol and setting him alight.
    R v Roughley – 2008
    R v Collier 2009
    R v Taylor 2010

    Sexual Offences

    R v Thorp: February 2008
    R v Brooks: October 2008
    R v Ball: November 2008
    R v Aziz: January 2009
    R v Jones: February 2009
    R v Fletcher: April 2009
    R v Meadwell: May 2009 – multiple rape of a girl under the age of 14.
    R v Williams: July 2009

    Child Cruelty

    R v Vose 2009
    R v Roberts 2009: extensive burning to a baby with a hairdryer.
    R v Downes 2009: attempted kidnap

    People Trafficking

    R v Bogdan 2008
    R v Petrovics 2007

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