St John’s Buildings are appointed mediators for NHS Resolution Mediations. Our expert mediators provide mediation and other forms of ADR in costs disputes.

All of our mediators are also expert costs barristers. Our panel of experienced, trained mediators are able to provide mediation in any costs dispute following an NHS clinical negligence or personal injury case. We also have the ability to mediate a wide range of other disputes, including contractual, property, employment and others.

Why choose an SJB Mediator?

  • Our mediators are all expert barristers and qualified mediators with relevant experience. That means you will be guided through your mediation by someone who has real world experience of the likely outcome at trial if the dispute cannot be resolved through mediation and can be reassured that any position reached through mediation will be appropriate
  • Our mediators are all trained and combine their expertise as barristers with their skills as mediators
  • We are client focussed and are accustomed to professionally managing clients
  • We are a highly regulated organisation
  • We are members of the Civil Mediation Council
  • Our processes are audited to ISO9001 standard
  • We take information security and data handling vey seriously and are accustomed to handling highly sensitive data. We hold Cyber Essentials Plus certification
  • We have the ability to offer remote mediations over Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business or Zoom and are happy to consider other secure formats for online mediations.

How does the process work?

The process is simple and one of our team is happy to walk you through it. Click HERE to read an explanation of the mediation procedure. Once you have read the procedure and are happy with it you can commence the first step.

How to set up a mediation

You can contact one of our mediation clerks by telephoning 0161 214 1500 or by emailing Here you can get information about the process, costs, bookings or our individual mediators and can arrange a mediation.

One of our team will take all required details either by email or by telephone. You will then be asked to sign a Mediation Agreement. Click HERE to view the Model Mediation Agreement that will be used.

On completion of the mediation we will invite feedback from you. Click HERE to view the Mediation Feedback Questionnaire.

Our Mediators

Our Mediators are all expert barristers with relevant expertise. They are: