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Chris Shaw

Senior Clerk – Civil, Commercial & Employment Clerk

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Rhia is a specialist commercial barrister with a practice that spans all areas of chambers’ business and property work.

Prior to joining the commercial team, Rhia had a successful four-year career at the Criminal Bar, where she defended a broad range of criminal offences. As a result, she is particularly skilled at trial work and cross-examination.

Whilst changing her practice area, Rhia has been exposed to a variety of hearings across all areas of commercial practice. She has gained experience of trials and interim hearings in the County Court, and has provided advice on various topics, including contractual and property disputes and data breaches.

Commercial & chancery litigation

Rhia has a particular interest in commercial litigation involving contractual disputes. She has appeared in PPI/Plevin trials and has a strong grasp of the complexities involved in such litigation.

She regularly advises on situations where ADR may be appropriate, and has advised on a broad range of contractual disputes.

In situations where there may be scope for settlement, Rhia draws on her experience from the Criminal Bar, where she was involved in numerous high value negotiations as part of Proceeds of Crime Act applications.

Data & information law

Rhia frequently provides written advice in cases involving potential breaches of UK GDPR and the DPA. She keeps up to date with all advances in this developing area and is able to advise on complex topics in simple terms.


Rhia is able to advise on this complex area in a simple and digestible format, and her ability to bring clarity to a case is demonstrated in both her written and oral advocacy. She has represented claimants at hearings involving charging orders and orders for sale, and as a result she has a strong understanding of the relevant procedure. She has also appeared for both claimants and defendants in possession proceedings involving rent and trespassers.