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Year of call: 1994

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Civil Fraud, Personal Injury, Credit Hire, Costs and Contract.


  • Robert specialises in credit hire cases, over 200 cases undertaken. He has articles written on credit hire for North West Legal News and Liverpool Gazette.
  • Costs cases including detailed assessments and complex legal arguments on compliance with the Conditional Fee Agreement Regulations 2000 and the recoverability of insurance premiums.
  • Contractual disputes


  • Fraud - Civil

    Robert has almost 20 years’ experience in dealing with low velocity impact and fraud cases.

    He has always taken an extremely robust, analytical and objective approach to allegations of low velocity impact and fraud, and has been trial counsel on hundreds of such cases over the last 20 years. Robert regularly advises as to the evidence needed in fraud cases and often conducts conferences with the clients and instructing solicitors, to analyse the available evidence and to suggest the tactics, procedures and evidence necessary in order to win the case. His has extensive experience in dealing with the complex nature of fraud rings and multi-handed fraud trials.

    Robert also has also developed a specialism in dealing with the costs issues, and is therefore ideally positioned to advise and litigate the issues regarding findings of fraud and fundamental dishonesty in the new cost regime.

    Robert undertakes all levels of work up to and including the Court of Appeal. He is willing to travel for both cases and conferences and he is happy to appear before District Judges, Circuit Judges and High Court Judges around the country.

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  • Personal Injury

    Road traffic accident, over 500 cases undertaken.

    Asbestosis and pleural plaques cases.


    Tilby v. Perfect Pizza Limited (Lawtel) AC 0102931

    Before Senior Costs Judge Master Hurst, on the effect of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 on ‘after the event’ insurance policies in costs cases.


    All levels up to and including the Court of Appeal
    Multi-handed RTAs


    Personal Injury Bar Association

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