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“Highly experienced practitioner handling all manner of serious criminal cases. Exclusively acting for defendants, he is regularly instructed in cases concerning murder, violence, kidnap and sexual offences”.

Strengths: “Solid as a rock”. Chambers & Partners 2017

“Offers expertise in the full range of criminal proceedings and has broad experience of handling cases concerning murder, serious violence, kidnapping, sexual offences and other grievous charges.
Strengths: “He really fights his client’s corner.” Chambers & Partners 2016


Philip is exclusively a criminal defence specialist. Philip has a long and established practice on the Northern Circuit and has regularly been instructed to defend in heavyweight and high profile matters as well as general criminal defence cases at all levels. He has defended public figures, stage and TV personalities as well as professional people in all manner of cases.


  • Crime

    Philip is regularly instructed in multi defendant matters and has appeared in many Murder and Manslaughter cases ranging from gangland executions and assassinations to large scale vigilante reprisal. He was junior counsel in the so called ‘Chorley Accountant Murder’ one of the largest murder investigations ever conducted in Lancashire and the notorious Dylan Hull case (drug related shooting of a little boy) tried at Preston Crown Court in 1998. Philip has successfully defended in many large scale public disorder matters ranging from Riot, Violent Disorder to Affray. He has been involved in many large scale football violence cases over the years. He has successfully defended in cases involving Kidnapping (including so called “honour kidnappings” hostage and ransom demand cases), false imprisonment and child abduction. Philip also has vast experience in series sexual offences, including rape and sexual offences involving children.


    R v Bhadola 2014 Bolton Crown Court. Date rape case. Defendant acquitted.

    R v Entwistle 2014 Bolton Crown Court: Rape of a stranger. Successful Section 41 Application – acquitted defendant.

    R v Michael Barnes February 2013 Preston Crown Court: Successful defence of taxi driver charged with offences of sexual assault and assault by penetration against a lone female passenger taken and detained late at night. Six-day trial.

    R v Jack Watchorn Preston Crown Court: Kidnapping with intent to commit a sexual offence. Targeted lone female walking late at night followed and eventually attacked in an incident of alleged sexual violence by dangerous offender with psychiatric history. Five-day trial. (Acquitted of main count but convicted of basic offence of kidnapping only.

    R v Krystian Siwak Minshull Street Crown Court: Six-day trial. Acquittal by jury secured in rape case involving issues of drink, capacity and consent in relation to allegedly unconscious/sleeping female complainant. Accused had absconded before giving evidence and trial had continued in his absence.

    R v Gary Pipes Carlisle Crown Court: Alleged forcible rape of lone young girl picked up late at night in street who believed accused to be a taxi driver. Taken, detained and forcibly raped. Defence of consent. Acquittal secured after five-day trial

    R v Michelle Sharrock & Ors Central Criminal Court: Defendant one of a number of defendants charged with money laundering offences following large scale City of London police investigation into fraudulent attacks on Lloyds Banking Group. Use of technically enabled device on internal bank work station located within different Halifax branches enabling remote access to bank system and fraudulent transfers being made by large criminal group causing very significant losses to LBG.

    R v Paul Taylor Minshull Street Crown Court: Sexual Activity with Child/Sexual Assault offences. Dangerous Offender with history of sexual offending. Schedule 15B CJA 2003. Extended Sentence under new provisions. Length of custodial term and period of extension. Question of proportionality and overall sentence length. Court of Appeal 24 January 2014.

    R v Macksood Ismail Preston Crown Court: Sexual assault of lone teenage girl walking in town centre subway by elderly defendant with previous sexual history. Extended sentence avoided.

    R v Allen Burnley Crown Court: Historic allegations involving systematic sexual abuse and rapes over extended period of sisters of tender years now adult women. Alleged complicity of mother. Defence of complete denial and that allegations fabricated and malicious. Third party disclosure of various records. Defendant acquitted following eight-day rape trial.

    R v Michael Hargreaves Bolton Crown Court: Sexual assault of 14-year-old daughter by accused with previous sexual history in relation to under age girls. Adjudged to be dangerous. Extended sentence imposed.

    R v Luwis Dobinson Durham Crown Court: December 2013. Successful defence of one of two defendants in ‘cut throat’ case involving alleged joint attack within prison of another serving prisoner. Attack had involved the use of an adapted weapon comprising razor blade. Significant facial injuries and disfigurement. Co-accused alone convicted.

    2012 R v Gulmar Minshull Street: Importation from Pakistan of a significant quantity of Class A drugs.

    2012 R v Skelton Preston Crown Court: Internet grooming, rapes, abduction and sexual activity with a child.

    2012 R v Hewitt Preston Crown Court: Homosexual assault.

    2012 R v Dixon Preston Crown Court: Possession with intent to supply. Significant quantity of Cannabis. Immediate imprisonment avoided.

    2012 R v Raynor Minshull Street: Conspiracy to defraud/fraud. Bogus claims for money for non-existent building work. Vulnerable elderly victims.

    2012 R v Ishtiaq Birmingham Crown Court: Dangerous driving allegations. Prolonged Police pursuits on motorway traffic M66, M60 and M6 Motorways. Speeds up to 135mph. Immediate custodial sentence avoided.

    2012 R v Budworth Lancaster Crown Court: Assault/Grievous Bodily Harm resulting in multiple fractures. Self defence raised successfully.

    2011 R v Bailey Bolton Crown Court: False imprisonment and rape.

    2011 R v Nisbett Preston Crown Court

    2011 R v Kitsbergh Peterborough Crown Court: Historic sexual abuse.

    2011 R v Farooqi and others Leicester Crown Court: Large scale kidnapping.

    2010 R v Cooper Bolton Crown Court: Community Order secured in case involving rape of girl under 13 by 18-year-old male.

    2010 R v Raza Preston Crown Court: Large scale drug and firearm matters and see [2010] 56 EWCA Crim 1413 (CA).

    2010 R v McEllin Carlisle Crown Court: Hammer attack and sexual assault on vulnerable victim with history of mental illness.

    2010 R v Dawkins Carlisle Crown Court: Serving police officer charged with fraud and money laundering.

    2010 R v Sharratt Preston Crown Court: Systematic rape and sexual abuse of step-daughters. Indeterminate sentence avoided.

    2010 R v Hanif and others Bradford Crown Court: Case involving alleged ‘Honour Kidnapping’ by a number of defendants.

    Legal Directory Recommendations

    “Handles serious crime work for the defence. He is recommended in cases involving serious sexual offences which include kidnap.” “Literally nothing is too much trouble for him and his ability in court is second to none.”

    “He is masterful with a jury.” Chambers & Partners 2015

    “Recommended at this set, Philip Andrews specialises in defending offences of the most serious kind.” Chambers & Partners 2011.

    “Defends serious crime cases” Chambers & Partners 2010.

    “The highly regarded Philip Andrews… regularly appears in series crime cases” Chambers & Partners 2009.

    “Continues to score highly for his considered advice and smooth advocacy” Chambers & Partners 2008.

    Described by The Lawyer as ‘Super Junior’ (Best of the Next Generation – 1996).


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